10 earth friend valentines day gifts for her

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I’ve put together a list of 10 of my favourite thoughtfully made gifts for women by sustainable and eco-friendly brands. Bear in mind that just because you are buying a gift for a lady doesn't mean you should go all girly and pink everything, trust me not all ladies like that type of stuff, I hate pink, flowery stuff. So if you're looking for some great non-pink and girly gifts for your Earth Conscious lady, I hope this list can help.

1. FitBit Charge 3 - £149.00 I know it's not an an earth friendly watch but every lady should have a stylish watch to let her know the time and these days a watch can be great for your health, it helps you track your health, heart rate and give personal insights.

2. Ecoffee Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup - Grand Rex - 475ml £12.95 If your lady loves her coffee like I do, she is going to want the big one... That's right this big Ecocoffee cup, help her coffee fix whilst saving the planet.

3. GIAM Yoga Kit £51.98 Is your lady looking to get into yoga this year? Why not give here a head start with the beautifully designed Sundial Yoga kit from Giam. Complete with a mat, bag, block, and straps it's everything she will need to get started.

4. Mosami Faith, Hope, Love Eco-silver Charm Necklace £134.99 Give you lady the gift of jewelry with this delicate Eco silver, heart, dove and lotus necklace.

5. Eco Grocery starter set £22.50 Does your lady love her reusable shopping bags, or is she just starting to get into the plastic free movement? Either way this starter set containing assorted organic cotton linen and mesh produce bags and an Ecocoffee cup would be great for any lady looking to be a little more earth-conscious when it comes to shopping

6. Marley Liberate XLBT Bluetooth Headphones £169.00

Some girls just want to listen to their music loud, give her a gift she will love this Valentines Day, a stylish set of Marley headphones, made from mindfully sourced and recycled materials.

7. Lavender Lovers Pamper Gift Set £ 39.95

Treat the love of your life to a night of decadence with this natural and organic lavender pamper set. The set contains bath bombs, oils, bath salts, body oil, facial oil and soap. Everything she could need to help her unwind and enjoy a nice hot bath candle lit bath.

8. KEEN Women's Targhee III Waterproof Hiking boots £114. If your lady is anything like me, she likes to be outdoors and for that you can't go wrong with giving her a nice new pair of durable boots. While KEEN is not recognized as a Sustainable or Vegan company KEEN is partnered with multiple conservation organisations and has committed more than $15 million to non-profit organisations and causes around the world... want to know more?

9. Matt and Nat Vegan Brave Backpack £114.95 For the woman on the go, who can't seem to fit everything in her bag, this is the perfect gift. A stylish Vegan leather backpack that has plenty of room for all her things.

10. Be there with her and for her £0 just your time. The ultimate way to show your love to a woman isn't through gifts but through you showing that you appreciate her by being there for her. If she has had a hard week, offer to make her dinner, give her that foot massage she loves, make her a hot coffee and snuggle on the couch for a night in watching movies.

What are some gifts that you would love to get on Valentine's Day?

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