6 Vegan foods to try

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

When looking for alternatives to foods that don't have meat or dairy in them it can be hard, especially when you're just starting down the track to becoming a vegan. As you may have read in the previous posts such as Vegan for a month and Veganuary I grew up in a family that ate a lot of meat so it is a huge change for me making the transition to a no meat diet for good so there is bound to be mistakes along the road. I just want to note that it has been almost three years since I have knowingly eaten anything with dairy in it. While on my journey I have been searching out foods to replace those that contain any dairy or meat. I have to say that I am a big lover of sushi and I recently found an awesome vegan sushi recipe and some other interesting food alternatives that I want to try. Vegan sushi Ingredients 200 g sushi rice 1 tablespoon rice vinegar 2 sheets of nori ¼ of a cucumber ¼ of a red pepper ½ a carrot ½ a small ripe avocado

Bol food pots, wow these are so good, I haven't had them all but they are the best thing you will ever eat. To list some of my favorites, Thai coconut curry, Moroccan spiced falafel and Caribbean jerk curry. They are incredibly fulfilling and flavorsome I highly recommend these to anyone looking for some delicious vegan noms.

Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages and the Vegetarian Chorizo & Red Pepper Sausages are so delicious, though they can taste a little dry after cooking they are absolutely delicious and I like to eat them with a little sweet chili sauce. I buy these a lot, I am currently waiting for the local Cooperative to reopen so I can stock up again.

Goodlife do delicious chilled vegan meal bowls, I had the Vegetable balls in arrabbiata sauce and it was so tasty. It's unfortunate thought the stores in my town no longer stock their products as I really want to try some of their other bowls look so good. Definitely worth checking out their full range.

Quorn fish-less fingers, I have tried these and I have to say I love them, you can barely taste the difference from the real ones, so much so that I actually went back for two more boxes. Tofurky is something I really want to try but I haven't been able to find a store near me that sells them, the nearest one is almost 10 kilometers away and with no car that is a long haul to get some.

What vegan foods do you recommend for someone heading down the vegan path?

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