52 Weeks healthier - The List

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

So it begins the start of a new healthier and more confident me but for before I get really into this challenge I need a list. Every great adventure has some thought put into it what I want to accomplish is in effect a life overhaul and is going to take an big list.

So here is how my list will work, each week along with one or two product reviews I will endeavor to change at least one thing in my life and I know that most of us struggle change one thing let alone a total of 52 so yes this challenge will be a task but one I intend to see through.

Without further ado here is my list of things I want to do and accomplish by the end of the 52 weeks.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast each day

  • Reduce my meat consumption

  • Cook more myself

  • Walk more

  • Take up Yoga

  • Drink more water

  • Drink less sugars

  • Reduce plastic waste

  • Recycle more everyday

  • Reduce electrical usage

  • Eat less take away

  • Workout clothes haul

  • Try meditation

  • Be more organized

  • Switch to Natural/ organic hygiene - soaps

  • Switch to Healthier cleaning products

  • Wardrobe clear-out/capsule wardrobe

  • Living room declutter & makeover

  • Home gardening

  • Healthier cosmetics haul

  • Living room haul

  • Read more books

  • Thrift shopping haul

  • Bathroom diy & makeover

  • Switch to healthy cat foods

  • Find healthier cat products/toys

  • DIY Home made beauty & bath products

  • DIY cat toys/recycle

  • Bedroom declutter & makeover

  • Handmade/ethical accessories

  • Be more involved in the community

  • Shop local crafts

  • Bags and shoes

  • Christmas DIYs

  • Whats in my bag tag

  • Bedroom haul

  • Bedroom declutter & makeover

  • DIY garden crafts

  • DIY candles

  • DIY soaps

  • Kitchen declutter & makeover

  • New Kitchenware haul

Know anything I should have on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

*If you are a brand with a product you would like features in this series feel free to contact me: minifoxychicky@live.co.uk

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