Grass for his pillow by Leane Hearn

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Do you know how to recognise when you have found a great book? It's simple, that book will stay with you for many years to come, you will remember paragraphs and worlds imagined in your mind as you read the words published on its pages.

I have read such a book, back while I was in high school and I had favoured reading to being out in the yard socialising with the other kids, I read a book that was so good, that to this very day I still recall images that I conceived in my mind as I followed the adventures of the novels, protagonists.

What is it called? I hear you calling from behind the screen that you are reading this post on. The book is Grass For His Pillow from the Tales Of The Otori series written by Leane Hearn.

The books reflect a time in the ancient lands of the Otori, in a time of war and famine where the fate of the young lovers Otori Takeo and Shirakawa Kaede hang in the balance.

Kaede is an heiress to vast lands that she must restore, Educate herself, her sisters and fend off suitors whilst she is the valuable pawn of ruthless warlords. She must use her intelligence, beauty and cunning to assert her position in a world of all-powerful men who must never suspect the dangerous secret she protects.

Takeo is an heir to the great Otori clan, who has sworn his life to the secret Tribe. He must follow their brutal ways and become their most deadly assassin, he must reject the spiritual vows of his peaceful childhood upbringing, his birthright of wealth, land and power and his love for Kaede. If he turns his back on the Tribe they will kill him. Forced to take a path that leads him into the path of extreme danger Takeo must grow from boy to man.

The book's incredible attention to detail and description passages really draw you in as if you are there witnessing these very events, it will summon imaginations of a vibrant and dangerous world full of exciting and wonderous character, surely a journey you will never forget.

Though I only ever read this book, there is five in the series and I am unfortunate that I did not get to read the other four books in the series. If you do get the chance to read the Tales Of The Otori series I highly recommend it.

What books would you recommend that have stuck with you through the years?

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