Baby it's cold outside

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This last week has been one of the coldest this year, the snow was so bad this week that we lost water for two days to the town due to a burst pipe. On the second day of no water, we had to walk in the snow down to the center of town to a water truck to collect bottled water so that we could have water to drink and for hygiene. It was on this second day that the water was back on though I was still feeling the ache from lugging those packs of water home in the cold. Our house, which might I say as cozy as it can be is an old stone and cement building, which is super drafty at times. It also has some rather old features such as the old cement block heatstore heaters that use a ridiculous amount of electric and only make any real heat about midnight. Then there is the water heater, the thing is so old, my grandmother probably had one. It is huge, takes up the whole airing cupboard and it also uses a ridiculous amount of electric. So I have been fighting the cold weather and icy cold feet by wearing two pairs of socks just so I can keep my feet warm, I don't like that tingly sensation that you get when your feet get too cold. Having the heaters on only really work so long as the cats aren't opening the doors all night to which it makes heaters almost completely pointless in this house especially when our cats are constantly in and out of rooms. If only we owned the house I would have installed cats doors in every room so they can get in and out without letting all the heat out. Needless to say hubby and I have been doing a lot of snuggling under the blanket on the sofa this last week watching Netflix from our computer as the trusty Ipad clearly knew in advance the cold was coming because it literally died a day or two before the cold hit. As soon as I finish my nightly streams on Twitch it's one episode of something off Netflix then off to bed to hide under the warmth of our tog 13 duvet, BEST investment ever. Also, I'm currently watching a mix between The Good Place, Godless, and I-zombie, have just finished Altered Carbon, truly amazing show, I really recommend checking it out, especially if you like shows like the expanse, Firefly or Dark matter.

Whats some tips that you have for keeping warm when its cold outside?

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