Being vegan, the vegan movement

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I have been on the track to becoming vegan when it comes to my diet and also the materials that I purchase in my life, I have become more proactive in learning what things are made of before handing over the cash. I have to say that it has been quite easy to start on the road to being vegan providing the stores around you provide the means to acquire the food that you intend to substitute your old food habits and it is not super expensive that is.

Sure there will be cravings, if you want to do it, then you can you just need to take a few seconds extra to think before you make a choice. Also just want to say don't ever feel guilty for turning down non-vegan food, just make sure you do it politely. You are not a bad person for refusing to eat meat just because someone offered it to you. There are those out there who will criticise you for trying to go vegan and yeah I have heard it all:

Vegans don't have a sense of humour Vegans are pretentious/Self Righteous They spout facts about veganism constantly They act like no vegans are uneducated They are always judging you

People who are not vegan can be so judgmental of others and generalise quite often about the vegan community and how they are not meeting the proper dietary requirements needed to sustain a human body. The government needs to focus on educating people about the nutritional qualities of plants that go into making the very food that we all eat. Vegans should not have to suffer the constant uneducated opinions thrown at us about how we're not getting enough B12 or Calcium. I don't push my views on others so why do you try to cram your views in my face, if you have a question then ask but don't tell me that I am doing my body wrong.

The vegan community can also be as equally judgmental as non-vegans, sometimes it feels like a minefield of people who want to support you, people who want to troll you and aggressive vegans who will try to argue with you if you are not 100% committed! People can be very judgmental and harsh to people wanting to try veganism, either because they have admitted having that one burger or they were no longer going to continue being vegan and are met with criticism and reminders that their food habits are the cause of the slaughter of animals and global warming.

In fact, in a study done by the Independent on 2,363 Britons aged 18 and over, 26% of them said that they were put off trying veganism because of the attitudes of vegans. I have heard vegans say that 'If people were put off by a few vegans being mean then they never really wanted to be vegan' I do not believe that this is true because if they never wanted to be vegan they never would have tried it, everything in life is a choice and they chose to try it because they wanted to. Negative attitudes may not bother some people but they can be really damaging and off-putting to others, especially people who are very self-conscious about how they go about their lives.

I get where the aggression is coming from, I really do but if vegans want to get their message across, being hostile and shoving it in peoples faces constantly will not make people want to take up the cause. It is aggressive behaviour that makes me not want to tell too many people that I am vegan because most people will naturally generalise that all vegans are alike but where not.

I believe in people having their own choice when it comes to their body and life, like my hubby being a carnivore, mainly due to him having a texture aversion to a lot of fruit and veg but I will not tell him what to do with his body. If he decides he would like to try something vegan that I have been eating then I will encourage him but I will in no way shove it down his throat, then stomp it in to make sure he swallows it.

I get that we want to stop animal cruelty, convert the world to veganism so that no animal has to suffer or end up on a plate but being cruel and so judgmental to fellow humans who had taken an interest in veganism isn't going to further the vegan movement, this kind of aggressive behaviour will only continue to give vegans a bad name. Maybe we should actually try being more supportive of others and encourage them to try it again later and let them know that you are happy to answer any questions or suggest new products for them to try.

I have had people ask me about some foods to try and I am happy to suggest a few things and support them, after which they seem to have taken it very seriously and continued to try new vegan products on their own, just goes to show that supporting some over judging them is the better alternative if you want people to try something such as veganism, after all a little kindness and support never killed anyone now did it?

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