Can luxury fashion also be ethical?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Can Luxury Fashion Also Be Ethical?

The answer put simply is yes, just because it is ethical doesn't mean that it is going to be any worse quality than the far from ethical brands. What is ethical fashion? In short, it is the designing, sourcing and manufacturing of clothing in such ways that not only benefit the people and communities but also minimise the impact on the environment. More and more brands are waking up to the ethical and environmental impact of the fashion industry and are taking steps to become more ethical or totally so in the way that they procure and produce their goods. When it comes to ethical fashion there are some major brands leading the way for the movement such as Stella McCartney who is a true inspiration and example for many. Stella McCartney, featured in the True Cost movie, was one of the first luxury fashion brands to exist that advocated environmentally friendly production. Stella banned fur and leather in the brand's collections, some of the pieces made by Stella incorporates amazing recycled, organic materials that help to reduce the impact on the environment and ocean. Some of these materials include Parley Ocean Plastic (Recycled ocean plastic) and Econyl a regenerated fibre created from reclaimed fishing nets. People Tree, for over 25 years has been partnered with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers to produce it's ethical fashion collections. Not only is the majority of People Tree's cotton certified organic and Fairtrade, but all their clothes are also dyed using safe and azo-free dyes. People Tree also ship a lot of their products by sea, instead of air and weave fabric by hand, reducing our impact on global warming. Thought clothing, formally Braintree is home to some absolutely gorgeous designs. Thought clothing use only natural, organic and Azo-free recycled fabrics to make their clothes. Some of these amazing materials include bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, reborn polyester, rayon and Tencel. Thought take every step to take great care of the people behind their clothing and environment. They believe "that sustainability and contemporary fashion can go hand-in-hand" and so do I. By choosing not to buy ethical fashion you choosing to turn a blind eye to all that is wrong with the fashion industry that needs to change such as cheap labour, unsafe working conditions, harsh chemicals that are used to dye our clothes, excessive use of water to make our garments, child labor and tragic events like the building collapse in Rana Plaza that killed 1,138 garments workers. 1,138 people who got trapped in the factory whilst making cheap garments for well-known fashion brands, this tragedy gave birth to the Fashion Revolution movement. Ethical luxury fashion doesn't mean lesser quality, in fact, all of the listed brands above are known to only make great quality comfortable clothing that is made to last, unlike fast fashion that we see so much of ending up in a landfill. Ethical means that the clothing you wear is made with care and by choosing to buy ethically you are helping to better the lives of those that made your clothes, that is the most rewarding part of buying ethically. The way you spend on clothes can make a positive change in the world around you.

The world's future and the future of fashion is in our hands, we just need to make the right choice. What are your thoughts on Ethical Fashion?

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