First look: Atex Brawl

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Title: Atex Brawl Available On: PC Developer: Innuendo Squad Studios Publisher: Innuendo Squad Studios Genre: Arena Mech Shooter Release Date: TBA Where to Buy: Will be available on steam. Firstly I just want to say Innuendo Squad Studios are a fantastic group to work with, last month I was given access to Atex Brawl, a fast-paced, multiplayer, arena Mech shooter. The Developers even came to join me in-game, how cool is that! They are so open to the opinions and feedback of the community. The game currently features a working public build in which you can host your own game or join one already open. There is currently team deathmatch, free-for-all deathmatch and hot potato (with 2-8 players). I have to say Hot potato has to be my favourite style of play so far being that is an exhilarating game of tag. There is nothing like trying to tag your friends with the potato before you explode. Though the controls do take a few minutes to get used to after you get the hang of them you will be racing around the arena blasting your friends away with your customized mech. Speaking of customization, you can build your own loadouts to make the ultimate killing machines. You can even customize the arena, to make your own crazy designs within the arena, using the many objects available to you. I personally went a little crazy and built myself and almost impossible maze to navigate through. There is the talk of more modes, maps, mech chassis and weapons being added to the game. Future modes will possibly include capturing the flag, king of the hill, salvage operations. If you're interested in getting involved in the game's development or get access to the game itself and future builds, follow them on Twitter @InnuendoSquadS and their Discord is always open if you want to jump on and have a chat about the game.

Overall This is an incredibly fun mech shooter game with huge potential. It provides for hours of fun for you and your friends to build the ultimate killing machines to destroy each other, definitely worth checking out.

What sort of things would you like to see in an Arena Mech Shooter like Atex Brawl?

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