Why i will never be a city girl

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The city and the country present people with two very different ways of living but I was born and raised in country towns. I have lived in many country towns, two cities and have had many experiences that have shown me that as much as I love the hidden beauty that can be found in the streets of the big cities, there are five reasons why I could never be a city girl.

1.Simple life - Compared to country life being in the city seems so complicated, everyone is always on the go, no one has time to stop and take it all in, life is more about making money than it is about enjoyment of the little things, I feel you can never really live life to the fullest. I like to work hard but I also like to be able to step back to take in the moments that really matter.

2. Connection to nature - Living in the city you don't really get the time to get out into nature, everyone has such busy schedules, and unless you can manage to squeeze in a day trip or weekend camping trip, which a lot of people just don't have the time for than you can forget it.

I think the limit of my connection to nature whilst living in the cities was a few houseplants. I never had the time to go to the country and get out into the wild, take in the clean crisp air, walk among the trees and just reset. I honestly need to be able to go for a walk up the mountains when I am stressed it really helps to calm my mind when everything just gets too much to handle. Living in the countryside, in the middle of a national park allows me to be so close to nature that I wake feeling super chill knowing that my relaxing walk is only 10 mins away from my house and it provides for some amazing views seeing the sun come up over the mountains.

3. Sense of community - In the country the sense of community is instilled in you from a young age, you feel connected to the people around you and a helpful hand is never far away but in the city I could feel the judging eyes looming over me if I was seen trying to help someone who has fallen, or I have helped someone struggling to carry bags to a car. It amazing that if someone is in need of help in the city, of the hundreds of people that are walking by or standing around to watch that person struggle only one or two will actually step up to help.

4. Peace and quiet - When I want to relax the last thing I want to hear is loud blaring music, party goers walking past my house at all hours of the night or hundreds of cars or trucks whizzing by, crossing lights, yelling, life just does not stop for one second in the city. In the country the nights are mostly quiet with the occasional pub crawlers walking home singing some footy chants and a few cars going by but most the time it's just quiet, it's peaceful, like the world has truly gone to sleep.

5. Space to breathe - The cities for me are too packed in, I cannot for the life of me understand how people can live crammed into houses that are almost identical to the next, so close to each other. Call me fussy but I like the space and privacy you have in the country, where the backyards are bigger and you don't have to worry about your neighbors standing at their back door and seeing into you patio sized back yard. I have lived in houses in the city where privacy is virtually non existent and the backyard if you can call it that, is sometimes just a balcony so small you couldn't add a plant or screen for privacy because it would take up most of the space. I personally need to to have a place where I can be outdoors and alone without the fear of eyes watching me, i need space to breathe.

This is why I could never live in the city for very long, maybe a day trip or such but city life is just not for me. I will forever and always be a country girl at heart.

Which do you like better, living in the city or the country and why?

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