Foxy's Christmas gift guide

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

What a gift is to me...

I don't buy a lot of gifts for people simply because I believe that buying a gift for someone should mean something a. If I was going to buy gifts for people I would want to reassure that my gift doesn't end up in a cupboard somewhere or get listed on a Facebook page as an unwanted gift a week later I would try to follow the following tips.

Buy something that the person NEEDS not what they WANT.

I know that sounds bad but when it comes to buying a material gift, think about how many other people have asked that person what they wanted? Do you really want to take the chance that someone else has bought that as well? I have bought gifts before because it's what someone wanted and they ended up changing their minds and selling the gift later down the track.

If you get people something they need it's unlikely that it will be the same as someone else's gift as most people need a lot these days and sometimes just can't think of it off the top of their heads. Look for hints like 'oh man if only I had one of .....' or just that they mention in conversation like, 'Bob keeps tearing holes in my darn sheets with his nails'.

Just talking to people you can get some of the best ideas without having to directly ask as if you ask most people will give you a list of what they want instead of what they really need. People tend to be a lot more appreciative of something that they can use rather than something they just wanted for the sake of having it.

Be creative

Your gift doesn't have to be something that looks like it was made on a factory line. Most times handmade gifts are kept and treasured longer than store bought gifts because you made them, took the time to think about and create something especially for that person and this is what gives them that extra special sentimental value and makes them absolutely priceless to people.

Buy a night/day out

Who doesn't need a day out to relax and unwind these days with the stress that all of us have to deal with on a daily basis it's nice to be treated to some good food and laughs. A present doesn't have to be something that is materialistic and expensive. A good day/night out and chance to unwind and be with friends/family may be just what they wanted and very well needed.

What are you Christmas gifting tips? Share in the comments below

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