Garden Paws... cuteness overload

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

In a contest to see who could grab the poop the fastest while watching a stream and chilling out after completion of my own stream, I won myself a copy of Garden Paws. I have never been more happy with myself for grabbing poop in a game ever!

Garden Paws is a newly released game on stream, coming at you from Bitten Toast Games. The development team behind this game consists of three people, two of whom are a husband and wife who wanted to make a game so they could have something to play together. There really is no better reason to make a game. Only having been in development for six months I have to hand it to the developers, they have created a truly amazing game.

It is simple yet very beautiful game, everything from the world to the cute animals and the super Kawaii facial expressions make the game so appealing and fun for hours. Garden Paws features many character customisation options, you can be a bear, bunny, cat, fox, badger, chipmunk, dragon or a bird. There is a huge variety of faces to choose from and over 200 wonderous skins to find and unlock.

You can play either multiplayer or single-player mode with Twitch Integration options that allow your twitch chat to really be a part of your game, even though multiplayer servers only currently allow for four players per server at any one time. The game currently has 20+ hours of questing but the game itself is endless and the developers are already planning on adding ever more quests in future.

Though the game may seem simple there is quite a bit for you to do, you can turn your home and shop into large farmland through upgrades and questing. You can collect, buy and grow seeds into beautiful flowers and vegetables to sell in your shop to make money for upgrades and new items. Fancy yourself a bit of an animal lover, why not raise and care for animals like chicks and chickens. With more animals to come!

Build up the nearby town, purchase new buildings, such as an inn, a museum or a blacksmith to bring even more people(NPCs) to your world who will no doubt give you more quests to complete. Upgrade your tools and weapons, collect artefacts to sell or donate to the Museum for fame and rewards, explore caves and dungeons for a unique look or just relax, put your feet up and do a spot of fishing.

The game music is very relaxing and yet fun and adds to the already beautiful game. The game runs incredibly smooth and does have super demanding pc requirements like a lot of the new games coming out of late. I have yet to find any bugs in the game as I have so far found none what so ever and it was only released this week. I am incredibly impressed with this game and the team behind it.

I highly recommend this game as one everyone should try, also head over and also go drop a follow for Bitten Toast Games or check out their website and stay up to date with the progress of the game's development as they are sure to have a few ideas on the table for the game's future.

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