Getting into Pokémon Go

So recently I got a new phone after having a series of problems, from one phone's battery dying to the next bein sold to us with a broken charging port. I can now safely say I have a phone that works and the first app I installed on it... Pokémon Go

Growing up I never really got into the whole hype surrounding Pokémon, I know some of the characters, Misty, Brock, Ash, I even remember a few of the Pokémon, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Psyduck otherwise the rest I am only just learning about from this app.

I do have to say though, even though this app isn't marketed as a fitness app, it is one that has got me moving more than any fitness app that I have used. The last four days alone I have gone for half-hour walks and been really excited to start walking each day and catch new pokemon.

The only issue with catching pokemon around my area is that I live in Wales, in the mountains, near a train station and it's mostly cold, windy and raining so that limits the Pokémon Dragon, Flying, Psychic, Ice, Rock, Water, Steel, Electric types, it's rare that I find any Fire Pokémon.

My favourite Pokémon that I have caught so far are Abomasnow, Raichu and Zangoose. I have won and lost my fair share of battles and being in a small town can usually keep a gym for a day or two before it being taken from me again.

Play Pokémon Go. What's your favourite pokemon?

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