House Diaries Ep 1: Might as well bathe in poop!

As I write this post I have a towel on my head to dry my hair, I just got out of the bath and rather than it being a relaxing experience like you would think, it was frustrating or better yet infuriating. I literally had to spray half a bottle of air freshener in the bathroom so I could cope with the smell enough to take a bath.

Why is this happening to me is all I can think to myself right now. It all began with a toilet hence the word poop in this title, the toilet in question is a menacing baby blue toilet that is so old it reminds me of the one my grandmother had in her house, you know the ones they used to put the fluffy toilet seat covers on to match the floral wallpaper, yep that's my toilet and it's broken.

About a month ago the toilet had a leak at the bottom of the pipe connecting the cistern to the pan, then it started leaking from the top and bottom of that pipe. We have sent emails to our landlord asking for it to be fixed yet are still waiting. Two weeks ago it started to leak from the hairline cracks that are in the tank and so we had to stop the tank from filling and have been flushing the toilet using large buckets of water. We needed a whole new toilet and we needed it fast and thanks to my amazing community I have one.

One amazing dude from my community heard me moaning about our struggles to do up our place on a budget and wanted to help and so he purchased us a new toilet (we have permission from the landlord to upgrade the place as we see fit, with the exception of removing walls). Well that toilet has been sitting in the lobby area of our flat for a week and a half now waiting for our landlord to fit it and still, we are flushing the toilet with buckets of water.

Tonight was the final straw, hubby and I were sitting in the living room when a god awful smell caught our attention, it smelled like sewage and it was coming from the pipes in the bathroom. From what I have read and heard from people in the trade, I grew up around a lot of builders, it is possibly the pipes being backed up dude to not being able to properly flush the toilet.

I really needed a bath so I sprayed a half a can our air freshener around the room opened the windows and got in, washed and got out, I honestly could not stay in the bath and relax with that smell, it was awful and this whole situation is infuriating. if I don't get this new toilet fitted this week I am going to have to pay someone stupid money that I can't afford and at a time like this too, with all this coronavirus crap happening, going to to have to have someone I don't know come into my house to fit a toilet, just so we can flush our poop.

This is one of the reasons why I have never liked renting, as a child I moved so many times I never really got to call a place home for long When I got older whenever there was a problem it took forever for anything to get fixed. If I had the money I would like to buy us our own place so we can do what we want when we want, fix whatever we need and never have to move again.

But here we are... and all I can think is Why is this happening to me??

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