House Diaries Ep 2: The Installation

So I finally have the toilet installed, mostly and I say mostly because it is and isn't. The plumbing is all done, the toilet is in place bar the floor anchors and the closed couple connector that was meant to come with the toilet to properly anchor the toilet cistern to the pan but it was not in the box so until it arrives... that's right we are still only going to be able to flush using the buckets, at least it looks nice and its seems to be coming together but the installation took a while and caused a lot more problems than we will inevitably have to deal with down the road.

If you haven't seen what our bathroom use to look like see the picture below, or check out the post I did on our whole house here: Little house of horrors

Also, this photo was actually taken after I had painted the room as it was the horrible terracotta and sunshine yellow colour before, way too out there for my liking so it had to go.

So we went from the above to the new below.

The toilet itself looks amazing and is very heavy, the toilet seat it came with is a soft close seat, also yes the floor looks even more horrendous, now. Here's the thing we had, still have a bit of carpet in our bathroom and we have never dared to peek underneath until today after we installed the toilet and the landlord didn't have anything to catch the water in so it went all over the floor soaking the carpet.

The last thing we wanted was to get wet socks while trying to use the floor or even worse have wet mouldy carpet in our bathroom, and what a shock I got when pulling up a piece of the carpet, it looks like it had been subjected to years of water damage, there is no waterproofing membrane or anything, what you see under and around the toilet is actually chipboard, that is in some parts soft and peeling, the only cement board in our bathroom is under the bathtub.

Just one more thing added to the list of things that will need fixing now. If you have any advice on how to fix something like this, for us please leave it in the comments below.

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