House Diaries Ep3: It still doesn't work.

We got bought a new toilet by one of my community members, which was awesome and I was so excited to have it installed and finally replace our old broken one but it's been one problem after another. Firstly one of the parts was not in the box, the unique connector that only this toilet seems to need due to the holes the bolts go through to connect the pan to the cistern being further apart than other closed coupled toilets that I have seen, we didn't find this out until later though.

The brand, an amazon Brand Wentworth Bathrooms refuses to send the connector we need after we had the friend who bought it for us contact them, they are claiming that the instructions that came with this £139.99 toilet are generic and that the toilet doesn't actually need the part to work, but when we have tried to flush it without this part and just the bolts and rubber supplied that goes between the pan and cistern it leaks and we can't have a leaking toilet. We again asked them for it telling them that we need the part but they are sticking to their excuse of why they are not sending this one part out.

So we ended up buying a connector and waited a week for that to arrive, but unfortunately due to the design of this toilet, the plate that would normally fit any other closed coupled toilet won't work for this one. Rather than the connector plate that most closed coupled toilets need to connect the cistern to the pan, this toilet is weird and needs a hook-like a connector but can I find one anywhere... oh hell no! So now with the brand refusing to send us the part and having used the toilet somewhat, we are now stuck with a half working toilet that we still have to use buckets to flush until we can find the money to buy a new one, as we can't have a toilet that doesn't work and I have searched everywhere and cannot find it.

This broken toilet saga is really pissing me off as it's getting closed to Christmas and with so much going on we just wanted to have a non-stressful Christmas this year, but it's so stressful that this situation has been going on for this long already that it's making hubby and me a little crabby.

As much as I want to hope that a brand will see our plight, have sympathy for us and swoop in and save us from this nightmare, install the toilet for us so we know it works, I believe the way things are going we are going to end up having a broken toilet all through the Christmas holidays, so much for the idea of having a no-stress kitchen.

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