How to Drink Less this Year

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

One of the best things you can do for your physical and emotional health is drink less, yes it really is, trust me. I have worked with 1000’s of people and a huge proportion of them feel better when they reduce, take a break or stop drinking.

So how about making 2018 the year you drink less. Maybe even have periods of time when you don’t drink? Like going out and not having an alcoholic drink just to see what it’s like.

Hopefully we all know by now that alcohol is one of our most harmful drugs. If you are not convinced on this one, feel free to ask me questions, I love a good debate, particularly about alcohol.

For example, we all know if we eat McDonald’s everyday it’s not going to end well. Alcohol is similar, although I am hoping eating a MacDonald’s won’t cause fights, cause you to sleep with the wrong person, have unprotected sex or upset your friend. You know the type of thing that can happen when you drink too much on a night out.

Hopefully you know by now I am not the fun police. I am all about helping you to live a life that works for you. Its cheesy but true – live the life of your dreams. And if you are drinking or using drugs that’s not really going to work.

The thing is, it’s up to you. It’s your life, weigh up the pros and cons. Some people find it easier to take a break and then drink less if they decide to drink again. Some people just reduce, putting some rules in.

There are some things I would like you to think about and some tips that hopefully will help:

Try this: just have 1: Whatever you decide to do, just have 1. Then stop. Then don’t have another one for a while, at least a week. Remember the habit thing.

Think about who you are drinking with, you may have noticed that you drink more with certain people, if this is the case, maybe stay away from those people for a bit, while you reduce. Or have a chat with them, tell them what you are doing, you never know they may be up for reducing and be supportive.

It’s the same with environment, you may just drink more in certain places, for instance when you go to a certain club or someone’s house. If you drink a lot there, give it a break for a while.

Don’t drink on your emotions, this will really help you reduce. Always have a soft drink first, a big one, you know a pint of lime and soda something like that.

Drink it slowly so you are delaying your start time.

Drink soft drinks in between alcoholic drinks. Drink drinks with lots of mixer in.

Use an app and count how many units you are consuming, this can be a real eye opener. Also count the calories and money, its interesting to see which one motivates you.

Think about alcohol the same as you would any drug, because that’s what it is. Ask yourself how does taking………………. (whatever it is) enhance my experience? If you are interested in taking this further check out my other blogs here and feel free to ask me any questions I am always on Twitter and Facebook.

Stephanie Chivers is a Habit and Addiction Specialist. Passionate about teaching people how to take a break or stop drinking.

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