I cut my hair and I love it

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

You may remember an earlier post I wrote in part of the 52 weeks healthier series entitled Week 42 - It's just my hair, where I had planned to shave all my hair off once I reached a donation goal of £1000, money that would help us pay off some much-needed bills that are currently still weighing us down, though we are making a little progress now.

The donation goal still stands but I will no longer be going to shave my head once we reach the £1000 goal as there was a slight change in plans when I decided to lop off my locks before reaching this goal. The reason is that my hair was not in the best condition for making into wigs as, though my hair was strong and thick it also was dry and had quite a few split-ends so the plan now is to send The Princess Trust a donation of £100 once our bills are under control and we can afford to do so.

At first, it was a scary thought to cut my hair so short as I haven't cut my hair since I was around 17 due to a previous bad hair experience but now I have cut off 90% of my hair and did it myself, I must say I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders literally. I feel like the whole new person like I have just started a new beginning and I absolutely love it. Those of us who have long hair or had long hair will know the amount of work that goes into the care and upkeep of long hair so I'm glad it gone and honestly don't think I want it back.

I feel like all women should try experimenting with trying new things with their hair, it is just hair but it can be very rewarding. If it doesn't go your way don't stress, you can always shave it and start again when it grows back. I have always found the shaved head look on women to be very beautiful and empowering, who knows it might be something that I try in the future.

What do you think? Do you like long or short hair more?

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