35 Item Apocalypse Survival List

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Every time after watching an apocalyptic movie, whether it be World War Z, I Am Legend, Mad Max, The Road or playing an in depth post-apocalyptic video game, I always find myself wondering what I would do if I as in the main character's shoes and I bet I'm not the only one who thinks about it. These style movies always leave me questioning whether I would be able to survive or if I knew what to take. There are so many questionnaires and guides out there but half of them are very unrealistic and just for laughs.

I find it quite enjoyable to plan what I would do, it really gets you thinking and can be fun when comparing your survival list with friends. I can safely say that you won't be finding any mobile phones or tanning solution on my Survival list, I would like to think that I would be more practical if the world ever did end and survive more than a month.

So here is my list of 35 things I would have/want to help me survive in an apocalyptic world.

  1. Polaris Ranger Crew (transportation)

  2. Northface Sleeping bag

  3. Northface Tent

  4. Northface Hiking Backpack w/ Hydration Sleeve

  5. Northface Hiking Boots/Sneakers

  6. Northface Thermoball Jacket

  7. Several Pairs Of Socks

  8. Five Days Of Comfortable Clothing

  9. First Aid Kit

  10. Lifesaver Water Filtration Bottle

  11. Water Purification Tablets

  12. Katadyn Water Filter

  13. Jetboil Camping Stove/Utensils/Bowls

  14. MREs/Hot Pockets

  15. Seeds

  16. Wind/waterproof Matches or Lighter

  17. Polarized Sunglasses

  18. Bandanna/Scarf & Gloves

  19. Gerber Compass

  20. Gerber Multi-Tool

  21. Gerber Flashlight

  22. Gerber Knife Set

  23. Gerber Cord Bracelet

  24. Binoculars w/ Night Vision

  25. Goal Zero Portable Solar

  26. Two-way Radio with Headphones

  27. MP3 Player

  28. Small Signaling Mirror

  29. Flares

  30. Tactical Vest

  31. Gas Mask

  32. Compound Bow

  33. Glock 17

  34. FN F2000

  35. Throwing Knives

What would be on your Apocalypse Survival List? Let me in the comments below or Tweet me @minifoxychicky

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