January Faves

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

It's a new year so I want to do new things and that includes doing a monthly faves this as a monthly segment on my blog, I wanted to link/list/share each months current faves bunch of my current faves of as lately, from tea, to Netflix, to what I wear…you name it. Hopefully I don’t forget to do any months.

I have been loving the super smoothies from the innocent range, especially the energise smoothie. I started drinking them as I have been trying to cut down my sugar intake and find these a great tasting alternative to the off the shelf juice that contain a huge amount of sugar. So far I haven't had a smoothie that I haven't liked they all taste amazing.

When it comes to snack foods, I have been loving the Perfectly Sweet corn from Propercorn as an alternative the more sugary gummy bears that I used to eat so many of. There is nothing like a bowl of Propercorn and some Netflix.

Talking about Netflix, I have been watching Friends for the first time, I never though that Friends would be a show that I would ever get into. I tend to watch a lot of sci-fi, horror and fantasy TV shows but I have not been able to get enough of Friends now that I have started. Monica and Rachael are by my favorite characters in the show.

Two game apps I have been loving are Seabeard and Sacrifices, I love games where I can rebuild a town and make it my own and both these games make you begin with the intention to rebuild a town or city and make it thriving.

In sacrifices you are a god and in Seabeard you are the daughter of a famous pirate. Sacrifices is a lot more complex as you not only can train your people but you have a large web of upgrades that you can unlock when you get enough points from sacrificing your people. You also have to deal with sickness, injuries and raiders. Both games are extremely entertaining and I have been playing them non top the last few weeks.

What are your January favorites? Share them with me in the comments below.

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