Kitchen renovation progression

Since my last post about the kitchen we have saved enough money to purchase a new kitchen, we found the kitchen on Freegle and it was listed for free. When I enquired about it, turns out it was listed by a woman on behalf of her parents though it was an apparently mistakenly listed as free, the parents had wanted money for the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets are of great condition, the doors are made of solid oak, the handles are vintage style. The door fronts do need a bit of cleaning up, as some of the varnishes has worn off and the handles are a little tarnished. We won't be using the wall-mounted cabinets as we don't know if the wall will be able to support the weight and we want to keep the wall clear, I want to have open shelving on the wall.

When we got in touch with the parents we came to an agreement that we would purchase the kitchen for £220 and after throwing in a dishwasher for us we ended up paying a total of £300 for the kitchen, it does not come with countertops, sink or taps. Hubby and I have found a sink and taps that we would like to get on amazon and at an affordable price too, now all we need to do is find the money after paying bills and such to invest in these final few pieces.

Heres a look at when we started vs how it looks now:

There are more cabinets but we have a dishwasher to install, we want to get a new fridge/freezer and the last thing we wanted was to have the kitchen feel super cramped so we are going to be selling the excess cabinets, that includes two huge corner base cabinets, two larder cabinets and four wall hanging cabinets all with doors and legs included.

The white cabinet you see in the middle is staying until we can get the new sink and taps so that we can get all that bit done in one go as one of the two taps in the kitchen still work so we would like to be able to use it until we can get a new one.

We also need to get some new lighting, as the old lighting in the kitchen is in need of replacing as the actual fittings are rusted, so we still need to find the money to get those final bits before we can call this job done.

It would be nice to get this done and be able to take one room of the list of rooms that need doing in our place.

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