Let's talk about stretch

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

I am not talking about some sort of warm-up exercise or something erotic, I'm talking about stretch marks, so many of us have them and some of us deny having them or are ashamed of them. Men, women of all shapes and sizes get them but a lot of people see them as flaws, something that we should cover up or buy some of the many treatments to reduce them or rid us of them. I have stretch marks myself both on the sides of my boobs, up my thighs. I have had these stretch marks since I was in my late teens and I love, my husband loves them!

Growing up I have never really worried about what anyone else wanted me to look like, I have always been happy with my appearance but I knew a lot of people who hated their marks. They are not a sign of bad dieting or being overweight, they are beautiful and completely natural so never be ashamed of them. Celebrities such as Amber Rose and Chrissy Teigen are sharing their marks to encourage more women to share their marks with the hashtag #LoveYourLines that has been trending on Instagram. I love the body positive message that women such as these two are sharing with the world, it's a long overdue change and I hope it continues to shine through in the beauty industry. You should embrace your stretch marks not try to hide them because no two people will ever have the same stretch marks, they are stripes, our bodies art, they make us unique. I would like to see more people talking about stretch marks are a thing that we shouldn't be ashamed of but proud of.

What's something you love about your body?

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