Life, one problem after the next

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I thought this year was going to be our year, last year or should I say the last few years was just a series of problems, one after the next, from hubby's health with the lung collapse, the cancer, the infertility it all adds up to a lot of stress on top of everything else such as debt, bills, trying to renovated and feed ourselves.

But this year we were getting things sorted, we were saving money to get a new kitchen, slowly getting caught up on the outstanding debt that we have, I thought things were starting to look up but April is not looking so hot unless you count the fires!

Being evacuated at 3:00 am due fires on the hill behind our house which was a credible threat to our safety was terrifying. Not only was this incredibly stressful, no knowing what was going to happen and not having anywhere to go, other than standing across the street, watching the fires burn and hoping that nothing fell from the hill and ignited the row of houses in our street.

Thankfully a few hours later, the fire crew got the flames under control enough for us to be let back into our homes. The next morning, drinking my coffee, I was saddened by what remained of the once lush green hill that was behind our home, it was no more than a smoldering black rock-face, of ash and death. It will be a while before the birds flutter about the hillside again.

The very next day my washing machine died on us and so I had to hand-wash all our clothing and will have to continue to do so until we can afford a new washing machine. The kitchen renovation will just have to wait as we would prefer to have clean clothes before a new kitchen. Were looking at spending no more than £500 including the removal of our old one, if possible. We want a new more energy efficient washing machine as we are sure the one we had was definitely not energy efficient or quiet for that matter. Mind you it was very old, my husband has had it for almost 12 years and before that it belonged to his grandmother, so it's been put through all it can take in its lifetime.

We just want one year that we don't have to worry about things going terribly wrong, or breaking on us. Hubby and I just want a quiet life together where we can wake up, have a coffee in the morning and not have to worry about when the nest problem will occur or who is going to want money from us next. If I could have question answered right now it would be "When is it enough, when will we finally break free of this constant struggle?"

We all need a little rant sometimes so tell me, whats one thing that has gone wrong for you this year?

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