Little house of horrors!

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

No one's home is ever going to be perfect, there is always going to be one more thing we want to change or fix to make it right for us, but our house, the whole 35 sqm of living space that makes up our place, there is a lot of things that need to be fixed here. Not having a lot of money partially due to living on one wage and hubby having a list of medical problems that have kept him from being able to work from time to time putting a serious dent in our already incredibly small monthly income has made the job of taking on renovations seem grim.

With careful budgeting, as much as possible we are determined to get things done while still being able to eat and pay bills. Due to the house being so old and wanting to live in a less stressful environment for the sake of hubbies health and just general overall wellbeing for the both of us and our cats we have been given permission to do pretty much whatever we want to the place providing we don't knock out any walls. Let me give you the written tour of our place, I would make a video but at the moment I don't have an awesome camera to get the best angels for a lot of areas in our house are really dark.

As you enter the lobby where the stairs leading up into or place being, you will notice that the lobby is maybe a two by two-meter area with cracked tiles and hideous green-carpeted stairs. Well, I recently took a peek under that carpet and noticed that a lot of the stairs underneath have cracks and are in need of some repair. I had painted the risers to make the stairwell a little more inviting but I do want to sand back the treads, completely replace the ones that are damaged beyond repair and finish them with a nice eco wood protector.

Once you're at the top of the stairs you will see a patterned piece of carpet that is barely stuck down. Our place has 4 different type's of carpet, green, yellow fluffy, patterned and a grey carpet. We would like more space-saving furniture for our house as it is quite small and easily feels over-cluttered if things are left out. We want a natural, clean look hence why I have painted the walls white for white.

The living room is getting there in terms of almost being at the point of being a somewhat relaxing environment. I have painted started to paint the walls though we did run out of paint after almost completing the first coat of paint on the walls. We will thankfully be completing the painting soon as we have gotten more paint as of this week. One thing to tick off the list, now to just get rid of the furniture that is taking up so much space in the room. Onto the bedroom, the bedroom is so damn small our large framed bed barely fits in the room enough to allow one of us to walk up one side of it, making it a tedious task of making the bed each morning. The carpet is a plush yellow carpet that looks like it got lost on its way back to the 60s. We have a large wardrobe stuffed in on corner exploding with clothes as there are no shelves in it and we don't have space in the room to add any shelves as it would only add to the clutter and stress. We desperately need a smaller bed and new wardrobe both hubby and I can actually put our clothes in and not have to go digging in the pile that is in the wardrobe.

The radiator in this room, wait, no the radiators in all the rooms are so damn huge, old and ugly and they take forever to actually produce any heat though they eat electric-like it's going out of fashion so we resort to the duvet warms before we turn them on. They are in serious need of replacing, I don't think we have used the heaters in two of the rooms for almost as long as we have lived here we just seal off the rooms that are too cold.

The bathroom though still needs some work, like having the ugly grey carpet removed, has come a long way when I first moved in with hubby the bathroom was painted with a terracotta red and bright sunshine yellow which did not at all go with the baby blue sink and toilet that is currently in the room. I have since painted the room with a sea breeze blue bathroom paint to brighten up the room and give a more pulled-together look. It definitely feels a lot calmer but in all honesty, this room is far from complete.

The bath itself looks out of place, has had problems with leak and such due to an originally poor fitting and crappy sealing job around the edges of the tub. The toilet has a large, growing crack in the tank and the sink is super outdated looking. There is also a long crack running underneath the length of the bathroom window and also a small part of the concrete around the window bay chipped and broke off and now the metal is rusting underneath, I don't even know how this happened.

I did however all ready make a start on fixing the floors as the carpet in the kitchen is a no for me. Did I get a surprise when I pulled the tiny strip of linoleum up that ​​was in the kitchen as well, there was green carpet under the linoleum... this is a WTF moment if I have ever seen one. The ​​trouble I am having now is that the carpet wasn't tacked down with carpet grip strips it was glued straight to the floorboards and now I have to remove all the resin before I can do any real sanding.

Overall the real problem with our place is yes it is old, needs some work but it is also very small and the furniture that we have is way too big, we don't have anywhere near enough storage for half of our stuff despite me having donated a crap ton of stuff to charity shops it still feels like we haven't scratched the surface.

Our place has a lot of potentials it just needs time and money and despite being on a very low income we are willing to put in the time and budget for repairing our place ourselves as it is where we want to live and can see ourselves living far into the future. So now that we have started this journey it is one that I intend to record here on the blog as progress is made so, put your hands up if you are excited for this epic-scale blog series beginning, especially if you love DIYs.

What's one thing you would like to fix around your place?

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