Me, myself and make-up

We live in a materialistic world where celebrities adorn the magazines we read, the social media sites we visit, the news, they are everywhere. So many young people strive to be like the celebrities and have their near perfect looks, most of which are almost impossibly un-achievable but people will go to lengths to try anyway. Imperfections can be considered to be anything from freckles, a birthmark, a mole, a scar or just something that you may not like about your physical appearance. Applying too much makeup at a young age can actually worsen existing skin problems, it can also have a huge long-term effect on skin health. Slapping on makeup to cover imperfections and problems will only lead people into a vicious cycle, as the excessive use is actually creating more problems than it is fixing them. I have seen girls the age of 11 are now wearing cosmetics, a lot of women and young girls won't leave home without it on. For some girls putting makeup on has become something of a morning ritual. Some young women have become so dependent on wearing makeup that they have developed self-esteem issues and lack the confidence to be around other people without wearing some form of make-up. Bullying also has a fair bit to do with the makeup issue, some young girls use makeup to cover imperfections that have gained them negative attention from others growing up. Others feel peer pressured into trying to be something they are not to fit into social groups. If only people judged people on their actions rather than their looks, so many people would not be feeling like they have to use makeup to hide or to fit in, more people could live happier, more confident and fulfilled lives. Someone who really cares about you will accept you even with your imperfections if they can't then they don't deserve you. Don't let others pressure you or try to define you. No one should be ashamed to show who they really are. I only wear make-up just when I feel like getting dressed up otherwise I hardly wear it at all. For me it's not a morning routine, it's not something I do to hide an imperfection I don't want others to see. I like make-up and everything but I also like to people to see the real me. The problem with makeup is that, yes it can make you more beautiful but when you look in the mirror can you recognize yourself? I don't want my makeup to change who I am or take over what I feel about myself. I have no problem with people wearing makeup, it's a personal choice whether they choose to wear it or not, no one else can decide for them. I'm not saying women shouldn't wear makeup, all I am saying is don't wear makeup for the wrong reasons. Wear it because its something you want to do, not because there is something you feel you need to hide or feel ashamed of. True beauty comes from within. To me everyone is beautiful, no two people are the same and that is what makes this world so amazing. Love and accept yourself only then can you be truly happy.

Is there an item of makeup you can't leave the house without? Let me know in the comments

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