Meet our cats: Midnight and Zorro

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

If you're an animal lover like I am you will probably never be able to resist taking pictures of your pets. I understand the troubles of trying to get to the camera before your pet moves out of that adorable position that made you want to take the picture in the first place. So I thought I'd share some that I have taken, mind you these pics were collected over a period of three years. My cats are not a fan of getting their picture taken. Midnight Gromit came across while browsing for our first animal companion when my husband Allen and I moved in together. I found an advert for some free to good home kittens and we were instantly drawn to the picture of this adorable kitten with an outstretched paw, we were sold and had to have her. She is queen bee of our house now, doors are literally opened for her, she owns the softest couch in our house, the end of our bed and the top of the living room heater, which she will occasionally share with Zorro.

Zorro Zita is a rescue kitten, my husband found when he was at work. She wasn't more than three months old at the time, living off the streets, out of bins, very timid, scared of people. This tiny little kitten with markings that look as if she is wearing a mask and cape, hence why Allen's colleagues named her Zorro. Though we don't have a lot of space in our house, Allen couldn't bear to see this tiny kitten living on the streets for the rest of her life or however long she would have survived especially when winter was fast approaching.

Zorro is still very timid around people, she tends to run into our bedroom and hide until they leave. Since we got her she has been eating better quality foods than what was in the bins at my husband's workplace. Zorro has put on a good amount of weight since we got her and she seems a lot happier for it. Zorro has taken a fancy to one of my jackets that I own and will run to it like a child to their safety blanket. She has become quite close to midnight, like a sister almost and follows her wherever she goes. Animals are not just pets, they are our friends, our companions, they are there when we are sad, there to keep us company, keep us safe or be there when we feel alone or afraid. People can do some amazing things for their animal friends to demonstrate how much they love them. Even I have sat down for hours at a time to create things that will provide hours of entertainment for my girls. One of those projects included a DIY I did to turn an ugly old cupboard into a storage centre for all my cat's things. You can learn about that by going and reading my DIY kitty storage cupboard post. If you are interested in DIY projects for your pets, I will be posting more of them on my blog as I make them so keep an eye out.

What crazy things have you done for the love of your animal friends? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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