Mini life update

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

A lot of you have probably been wondering where I have been these past few weeks since I haven't posted that much on my blog and I apologize for that. The truth is that I have been so busy and distracted from my blog because of housework, renovations and streams, I have so much going on right now that even I don't know how I am managing to keep up.

The housework, especially now that we still have no washing machine housework has become a huge task. I am having to hand wash all our clothes and it is incredibly tedious, but with some Friendly Soap that I recently reviewed and a lot of elbow grease, we get it done.

The renovations(slowly but surely getting there), I emptied our bedroom, gap filled and painted this week, still needs another coat of paint but it's looking good.

I am also looking at a new bed and wardrobe for our room as the current bed is too big for our mattress and the headboard and foot of the bed are big and bulky. The wardrobe itself is the biggest waste as its literally just a huge box with a coat hanger rail, no shelves or practical storage and so a lot of our clothes are just folded and placed in piles at the bottom of the wardrobe, it gets crazy trying to find what we want to wear if we are in a hurry.

I have also been trying to get more exercise into my daily life. The UK, especially where I live in Wales gets a lot of rain and sure I love rain but rain and cold does not make great conditions for walking or hiking. The last few weeks it has been incredibly sunny here, with the heatwave that we have had here in the UK. I have been getting a few walks in, I even managed to make a day of it, by setting a route for myself that goes past all the charity shops in town so I can browse for bargains, the walk ends with a stop at the local bakery which makes the BEST vegan pastries that I have even had this is then followed by a slow walk home.

When it rains I have been getting in and clearing out all the junk from our lives, there is no better time to get stuck in when you are stuck indoors. I have been going through our place sorting out things into two categories, keep and donate. the thing I add to the keep pile are things I want, can reuse, re-purpose, recycle and the Donate pile is everything that we can live without.

Onto books, this week alone I have been more stuck into reading books, I found two books last month in a charity shop that I just stood out to me, only 50p (cents) each or three for a pound (dollar) I couldn't say no as I really wanted to start reading more. The two books that I have been reading are A Life Like Other People's by Alan Bennett and Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli, the first one I am only a few pages in but so far the story follows a young man whose mother's mental health is slowly degrading and how it is ultimately affecting the families life. The second is a book for those interested in learning more about physics but don't know where to start, I just found it intriguing and I'm almost through it.

I have also been doing a spot of gardening, although sadly I have had to completely refresh the soil of my plants and even throw a few plants out as they had died due to a case of black fly which we have managed to get under control for now. I have a new lot of seedlings almost ready to transplant into bigger pots, a lemon tree, an olive tree that we got a little while ago, some tomatoes, a lot of bell peppers, climbing beans, broad beans, chilli peppers and now my avocado sees are now sprouting.

When I haven't been doing any of the above I have been streaming on Twitch. It has been going so well, I hit 25 subscribers just this month and have been putting in a lot of extra hours to build the Foxilian community which is a lot more work than it may sound as I have some big plans for the future, not only so I can build my community but be a supportive network for others who want to get into streaming too and all this take a lot of time and planning to get right.

This pretty much covers everything for now but I will say that I have some exciting posts planned for the future so make sure you stick around for future posts and updates. Let me know in the comments below something that you have been getting stuck into this month, whether it be a huge project, a book you have found or just having a month of relaxation.

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