My 10 pet peeves

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

We all have them and we all get annoyed by them, I'm talking about pet peeves, things that really annoy you, make you wish that someone else could just deal with the your problems for a day and leave you in peace. In today's post I will be telling you about my pet peeves.

1. Surprise meetings with new people -

I love meeting people, I do but I can be really shy around new people that I have never met so I like to be prepared. I like to have notice even if it's just a day in advance otherwise I will sometimes get really nervous and crawl into my shy cocoon (finding it hard to speak up) upon being surprised with having to meet new people last minute.

2. Having a shoe rack next to the front door that no one uses -

Our house is fairly old and the carpet is probably just as old but I still feel that I need to respect the home that I have so I want to prevent the carpet getting any worse. So I got a shoe rack, a rather large one and placed it directly across from the front door. You can't miss it, yet I still find myself tripping on the hubby's boots almost everyday.

3. Cats leaving their toys all over the house -

I guess if we had kids it would be the same but stepping on toys and squeaky mice trying to make my way to the bathroom or living room. No matter how many times I take all the toys back to the living room they end up all over the house by the next morning.

4. Being used as a step up to the window -

Midnight is more than capable of jumping straight into the window but for some reason some nights, while we are laying comfy in bed she makes it her purpose to climb onto the bed before placing her back feet on one of our heads to give herself a boost into the bedroom window.

5.People going through my stuff/using my belongings without asking -

I don't mind lending things to people who ask and I really like my privacy so when I go looking for something and can't find it only to find that someone had gone through my things and borrowed something of mine without asking that makes me really upset.

6. People who don’t return things -

Who hasn't had someone not return things, there have been times where I have lent things to people and when it comes time to get the item back they can't find it, will find it later or the worst ones yet lent it to a friend or forgot it was yours and sold it. People who do this to me I never lend anything to again.

7. Getting interrupted -

I just find it so rude when people cut in on a conversation then say things like 'oh were you talking', OF COURSE I WAS!!. What makes it worse is when others cut in and proceed to keep talking as if your not there. People who can't wait till someone has finished talking or at least say excuse me if they really need to cut in annoy me. It's so rude and disrespectful.

8. Telemarketers -

I don't have any debt, I don't need a loan, I don't want your survey, I am not Mr Griffiths, I have not had a car accident.... STOP CALLING!!!

Do I need to say more?

9. Not picking up after your dog -

How great is going for a jog/walk on early in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in only to almost slip over after having stepped in a steaming pile of crap. Way to ruin a perfectly good run, how hard is it to pick up after your dog?. I mean seriously trying to find a clean patch of grass in the park these days is a task and a half. Some councils have even provided free doggy bag vendors in parks for you. Have some decency and clean up after your dog or don't get a dog.

10. People who try to talk to you when you are listening to music -

Nothing is more enjoyable than just chilling out with some tunes. What is frustrating is when you are just chilling out on a bus, train or anywhere really, clearly with your headphones in then someone sits down and starts trying to talk to you. When you don't respond they start waving their hand in front of your face or poke you in the arm to try to grab your attention. Urgh... I just want to listen to my music.

What are your pet peeves, let me know in the comments below

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