My 10 things for a winter weekend

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

The weather forecast says heavy snow, don't plan on going out or being stuck knee deep in cold snow outside. Don't worry indoors can be great fun too, you just have to have a good imagination and the 10 must haves for a wonderful winter weekend, indoors of course.

1.Blanket - What better way to keep warm than a snuggled on the couch with a blanket, when it's really cold you can wear it round the house like a poncho.

2. Heater - Getting the chills is no fun at all, while its snowing make sure to get the heater going to warm up the room before everyone is up to avoid heater hogs.

3. Hot chocolate - mmm ... who doesn't like a nice hot cup of chocolate on a cold day or if you don't like chocolate a big cup of hot soup. You can't have hot chocolate without marshmallows...

4. Movies - Why not snuggle up on the sofa under your blanket and watch a movie or catch up on a TV series you've been wanting to see or catch up on.

5. Music - Sometimes I just like to chill, take a few moments to think over everything that has happened this week, I like to do that with my favorite tunes playing softly in my ears.

6. A good book - It's always nice to just have some quiet time and not need to be in a rush to go anywhere, set aside time to finish that book you have always been dying to read but always put it off.

7. Board games - You are never too old to play board games so go on, try one they are great for passing time.

8. Cookie dough - I love baking, and when it's cold I love to snack on some freshly baked hot chocolate chip cookies.... mmm

9. Bath - Indulge yourself with a hot bath, add some salts or lavender oil and just relax.

10. Sleep - Why not take a nap, every like to have that little extra beauty sleep, it's not like you need to be anywhere is it?

Whats on your list for a cool weekend indoors? Let me know in the comments below.

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