My thoughts: ‘Daddy, I don’t want to eat animals anymore’

Woke up today to a hot cup of coffee and a fresh day of drama on Twitter and YouTube to scroll through. Tescos recently released a new advert where a young girl told her father that she didn't want to eat animals anymore, he then proceeds to cook her a vegan meal, you can watch the ad below.

As you can imagine some farmers are losing their shit over this ad claiming it is 'demonizing' the meat and dairy industry.

Nowhere in the ad is meat or dairy criticized, said to be unhealthy, I see nothing that could be considered of offence to the meat and dairy industry. What I do see is a little girl making a conscious decision to stop eating meat which it should be her right to choose, I also see a father who is supporting his daughters choice and cooking them a delicious looking meal.

None of this is anything I would consider to demonizing the meat and dairy industry in any way unless farmers consider a father who is supportive of his daughters right to choose not to eat meat, demonizing. Should we then tell children they have no right to choose what they eat?

I myself am choosing the vegan lifestyle and if someone else wants to go vegan then I will be there to support that decision if they want me to but if they choose not to then I won't be offended because it is their choice! It is also a Tesco's choice to support its customers by stocking both vegan and no vegan products, despite many yelling that Tesco's should choose between one or the other.

"if Tescos are that virtuous then they should immediately remove ALL animal-based products from sale!", this is just one of the many comments found in the comments of the video. Some people are even so mad at the advert that petitions have been created in an attempt to stop Tesco from showing vegan ads, believing that Tesco is pushing the vegan lifestyle down our throats.

I for one am grateful that Tesco is choosing to offer more vegan alternatives in their store for those of us who don't want to eat animals anymore.

What are your thoughts?

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