No Complaints November Challenge

The No Complaints November Challenge begins now, I had seen others do this challenge, the likes of Sorelle Amore and it has inspired me to take on this challenge myself for the whole of November. I believe that in order to have a healthy life you also need to have a healthy mind. I want to challenge myself to see if I can go a whole month without complaining about anything... and instead find positives in everything around me, even the bad things.

I want to come out of this with more gratitude for the things in my life. I feel like there has been so much bad going on in my life that I don't stop to take in the good as much as I should. An attitude of gratitude will reduce the stress hormone cortisol by 23%. Instead of complaining about how shit the weather is I want to use this time to get stuck into reading more of the books that I have stacked up in my bedroom. Reading is also said to be really good for mental stimulation and stress reduction.

Tips to help on this challenge.

If there is something deserving of complaining about, take it on with a problem-solving attitude, have a clear idea as to what needs to change.

Be mindful of the people you hang around as people naturally mimic the behaviours and attitudes of each other as a way to empathise with each other and build connections. If you have friends that complain way too much I'd suggest trying to avoid them while undertaking this challenge OR explain the challenge and that you're trying to eliminate such negativity from your life, good friends will understand and support you.

Join me in this challenge! If you're on board, tag me in your Insta story with your progress (@minifoxychicky).

Let's meet back here in 29 days and see what's happened!

Thanks for reading guys as always.

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