No Complaints November Challenge: Results

If you are here then you came to find out how I did during November. I know this post is five days late but life got a little in the way of me getting this post out on time but here it is, my results for the No Complaints November challenge.

Indeed, it was harder than I thought it was going to be to restrain myself from complaining, I think the whole month I caught myself about four times beginning to complain about something. It is honestly so much easier to complain about stuff than to try to find positives in everything whether or not they are there or not.

Do I feel any different after not complaining so much this month? Honestly not really, it made me look more at finding positives of situations whereas I would normally just try to find the best solution to a problem rather than try to see good in it. I don't feel any major impact on my life or have a life-changing epiphany from not complaining so much.

My life is still very stressful with everything going on from streaming five days a week, trying to finish the kitchen, planning a much-needed bedroom makeover, wondering how we are going to afford Christmas and now I am starting to get my wisdom teeth...ouchie. On top of this, we still need to pay bills, buy food and make it to the next payday, so I still wake up feeling tired, stressed most days whether or not I complain that day.

Would I say it's worth doing this challenge? Sure why not, we could all do with a little less complaining, just don't expect some life-altering result at the end of the challenge cause you may be disappointed.

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