No PC nightmare!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Having a PC is a huge part of my everyday life, I am a blogger and a streamer, I streamed five days a week on Twitch and will again soon hopefully. We currently have £450 saved towards the PC goal of £1300 that we had set for the new PC and had hoped to reach before this PC gave out. Let me tell you the story of how I went from blogging on my PC to my iPad in just under a week.

One fine sunny morning I woke up to hubby fresh home from work cursing cause something went terribly wrong when he turned on our one and only PC for his morning game on football manager 2015. As I walked into the living room hubby explained that he needed to download an anti virus program because he had reason to believe our computer had a virus, later it turns out it actually did.

The program he downloaded seemed perfectly legitimate until the PC started showing signs of running slow, it was using 97% CPU doing nothing. We gave it a restart and all looked calm so hubby tried to run his game. That's when things got crazy, lines and shapes started appearing all over the screen until finally, blue-screen, then another swiftly followed by yet another.

After little research into what might be our problem we came to the realization that the antivirus program hubby download was actually a crappy virus piss-take called SVChost.exe-bitcoinminer, which installed a heap of little programs onto my PC rather than actually doing anything to fix anything. It took us a while to remove all the programs from the PC but the damage it had caused remained, after about the fourth blue-screen these white lines had burned in. At fist we thought it was the screens but after swapping them out the lines remained, we were told it might be the graphics card and sure enough our graphics card GPU is gone.

Our PC so had been that badly affected by the virus that it even deleted some system files reset a lot of setting and screwed with our system even to the point that that computer could no longer access the Internet, yet all our other devices could.

At the end of the day, short of a format that we couldn't do because we could afford a new copy of Windows 8 we realised that it just wasn't going to happen the PC was far too damaged to be repaired. A whole day of messing with the PC, trying everything we could and getting advice from our more tech wise friends just left us with a PC that was going no where fast and a headache. Thankfully I had backed up everything important onto an external hard-drive, we never kept anything important on our PC in case something like this did occur.

My advice to any people who are not tech savvy to avoid this nightmare, if you think something is wrong consult a professional, do not download anything you are unsure of, do regular backups and invest in a good antivirus.

That's when it set it the dread, oh my what am I going to do now I'm going to be so bored. I have spent almost everyday for the past few years on that PC, streaming blogging, sending emails, playing video games and now I had to rely on sharing the iPad with hubby and work off my phone and it's tiny and very frustrating touch screen to do my blogging and such after at he first few days though you get used to it. The first two days I slept in hoping that when I awoke the PC would be somehow magically fixed but I was very disappointed. The first few days without my beloved PC that had served me almost perfectly everyday for the past few year was somewhat sad, this PC was actually a gift from a dear friend of ours. The second day of no PC I was so bored just playing games on the phone and sharing the iPad with hubby.

The third day I moved everything out of my living room and painted the whole room, then moved everything back in and around to make it more roomy and to sort out what We needed to keep and what we could sell to contribute to the new PC goal. I'm still having issues adjusting to not being able to stream as I have done so for so long and enjoy and miss the company of all the awesome people that came to chat with me during the streams. I miss the ease at which I could write, publish and edit my blog posts on the PC, I also miss the games that I used to play when I got bored.

What's been awesome about not having the PC working though is the fact that a lot more is getting done round the house, I finally have the time to sort through the boxes of junk that needs to be cleared out. I get more kitty hugs and nap time I can finally catch up on all the to shows that people have suggested I watched. Thank you to all the foxes who suggested shows for me to watch Zorro and I are watching them all now.

I guess my point is that yes I really want to get back to streaming and I will, it's what I love doing and I miss it ever so much but I haven't gone insane with boredom yet though some days I feel it's taking its toll but I'm enjoying some me time and catch up time. it's not impossible time without a PC in the 21st century, it's hard but not impossible.

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