Our kitchen reno standstill

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

This post should have been a post about how amazing my new kitchen is and how am happy to finally have a kitchen that isn't falling apart, but it isn't. It also isn't a post to show you a video of the install or to tell you that my kitchen was delayed and is going to be a few more days, this is a post to tell you that I don't have a kitchen and won't have one until I can either find the money to buy a cheap kitchen from somewhere like IKEA or find another kitchen being given away.

After receiving a phone call from our builder friend who went to look at the kitchen and pick it up for us, I spent the rest of the day angry at myself for making the mistake of getting my hopes up that 2019 was going to start off as a great new year but so far it's shit!

Let me start from the beginning, our original kitchen pictured below was super old and falling to pieces literally, the taps are rusted and since we don't have the money to buy one right now we decided to put the word out that we needed a new one, so if anyone was taking one out, give us a shout.

Find one we did, we found this lovely lady on Freegle giving away a kitchen, she described it as 'good condition with a couple of the doors have rubbed corners, but everything works'. She then sent us a picture and it looked like an absolute dream compared to our kitchen and we were desperate so we thought what could go wrong.

The week we were meant to collect it we removed our old kitchen in preparation but then disaster struck, when our builder friend went to go have a look at the kitchen in order to arrange collection he called me to tell me... wait for it... 'The kitchen is a pile of shit, there are major burn marks, it's falling apart' he even went as far to say he 'wouldn't want to dump this shit on anyone' and with that we had no choice but to not take it as it's not worth replacing one shit kitchen with one that is worse.

So no with that in mind we have a shell of a kitchen and until we can either find another one being given away that isn't a total wreck, or we somehow come up with the money to buy one we will be stuck with this shell.

I aim to keep you updated on the renovations and the ups and downs that we are experiencing right now, I had hoped to do some live streams and YouTube videos of install but honestly, it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time in the near future.

Though this is a major hiccup in the whole 2019 being great for us I must remain positive as there is still plenty of 2019 left to turn things around.

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