Quick & Easy Festive Jackfruit Burgers

To make this burger will take less than 20 minutes and this recipe is great for quick and easy eating, Christmas is a very busy time of year and quick easy recipes can be invaluable also anyone will be able to make these burgers.


(recipe makes enough to make two burgers, adjust the Jackfruit amount to suit your needs)

1 cup Jack & Chill Young Jackfruit

1/2 Red onion

1 clove garlic

1/4 cucumber

1/2 fresh tomato

To start dice 1 clove of garlic, finely dice or slice some onion, I used a red onion for the colour but you can use any onion you like.

Add both garlic and onion to 1 tsp of oil, lightly caramelise before adding 1 cup of Jackfruit to the pan and cook it until golden.

Add your preferred barbeque sauce and stir in well, the jackfruit will absorb all the flavourings of these delicious ingredients.

Prepare your bun with you preferred salads, I like to put a layer of fresh-cut lettuce, sliced cucumber, fresh tomato then pile on my jackfruit mix before adding the lid and serving.

Why not grab some Jack & Chill Jackfruit yourself and share with me some of your own quick and easy Jackfruit recipe creations.

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