Ramen, yakisobe, udon, somen or soba?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I have been becoming especially interested in preparing and cooking all my own foods and have now entered the noodle zone. I love noodles and would be really keen on starting learning and making my own from scratch. This would be not only an excellent idea to save money having to buy heaps of noodles since we go through a lot in this house, but I am also not the only noodle lover under this roof. So I know this is something I will really enjoy doing as I love seeing what goes into the food that I eat.

As I was doing my research as to what I would need to get in terms of tools and ingredients in order to set out on this adventure, the question came to me... what noodle is my favourite noodle?

Here are the noodles I was looking at trying to make.

  • Ramen: Thin wheat noodles, almost always served hot, they are served in a variety of broths, from salt, soy sauce and miso.

  • Yakisoba: Wheat flour noodle, much like ramen, it is often served as a fried noodle.

  • Udon: Thick and chewy wheat flour noodle, usually served hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Udon noodles have a neutral flavour, which makes them go well with everything.

  • Somen: Wheat-based noodle, made with flour, water and vegetable oil. They are thinner and are normally served cold as a light dish.

  • Soba: Made essentially but not solely of buckwheat, which gives it a different, stronger flavour, brown colour and dense texture.

What noodle is your favourite and would you ever consider trying to make your own?

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