Rebellion for the future

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I have been following the recent protests of Extinction Rebellion in the news recently as environmental issues are something that genuinely interests me and I am keen to show my support where I can. You can follow the Extinction rebellion movement via the trending hashtags #ExtinctionRebellion #RebelForLife.

When I look at what we have done with our world I do feel sorry, even more so I feel ashamed, with all of our accomplishments, we have inflicted so much destruction on our beautiful planet for the purposes of making more money.

More and more young people are becoming aware and speaking out the damaging effects that we humans, our greed has had and continues to have on the planet. 16-year-old Swedish activist, founder of School Strikes For Action, Greta Thunberg, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, says she even hopes to be able to partake in the Extinction rebellion protests.

The movement is not just restricted to Extinction Rebellion, there are many big-name and much-loved celebrities that are Environmentalists and Activists, some of which have set up their own non-profits dedicated to change. Some of these names include the likes of:

Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough, Jared Leto, Meryl Streep, James Cameron, Emma Watson, Jane Goodall, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Olivia Wilde, Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, Bette Midler, Prince Ea and Dame Emma Thompson.

I'm not against people standing up for the environment, as long as they are not damaging property or harming others in the process. Is it really so bad that people are waking up to the notion that maybe we should start taking care of our planet and the creatures on it?

Some people seem to think so, so much so that they are willing to express their disapproval so openly on social media, here are some of the comments that I have come across on Twitter:

Ego warriors

New age hippies

One word.....pathetic!

Wow, grow up the lot of you.

What's going on? Stop giving these idiots the coverage

These idiots think there is a simple solution to climate change, there is no solution!

I hope they are the last of their generation

Just arrest them! The country went soft!

Capsicum spray and a short-armed baton should do it

Unwashed tree huggers.

It shocks me the attitudes of some people, against those who are not afraid to speak their mind, is it fear that motivates these people to lash out?

I admire the courage people have to come together and fight for what they believe in, it is my belief that the problem comes down to us, many people these days would rather be ignorant of the events going on in our world than face truths, because once you know the truth it is hard to forget it.

I believe governments should take the concerns of their people seriously and start making the changes we want to see in our world, changes which would inevitably be beneficial for all of us and the next generations to come.

What are your thoughts on the Extinction Rebellion Protests and the Climate change debate?

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