Review: Aduna lemon, ginger & boabab tea

Updated: Oct 16

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I took my time with this review as I wanted to drink as many cups of this tea as I could before the review to give you all the most informed review I can. I have been drinking a lot of tea this year and I have been particularly drawn to the more organic loose leaf teas in pyramid bags.

The tea I am reviewing is one of five teas from Aduna's African Super Tea range, they also stock superfood powders, snack foods and beautiful homeware tins on their online store so it's worth taking a peek. Now back to the tea, each box is priced at a reasonable £4.99 for 15 pyramids or if you want to buy bulk £13.99 for three boxes, that's a total of 45 tea bags. Each tea bag can be steeped at least two or three times before the tea starts to lose it's flavour, so one box could essentially make you 45 cups of tea on its own, so really great value for money if you think about it.

The flavour sent to me was, lemon, ginger & baobab tea, I don't believe I have ever tried a tea with baobab in it before but this tea is absolutely delicious. The citrus scent of the Boabab and Lemon is very soothing and is the first thing you will notice before taking the first sip. Upon the first sip, you can taste the beautiful citrussy baobab, followed by the freshness of the lemon, then the subtle taste of the ginger followed up by some zingy almost spicy tones. Together all these ingredients make for a very refreshing cup of tea to start or end your day with. You can drink this tea, hot and enjoy the warmness of the flavours combined or have it served with ice to help you cool down on a hot day, either way, the flavours are incredible.

Their mission: Aduna wants to bring you the natural vitality of Africa's ancient ingredients while creating sustainable incomes for rural African households.

This has to be one of the best teas I have ever tried, I highly recommend trying some of Aduna's super Tea range. You can check out their full range of teas for yourself here:

What's your favourite type of tea to enjoy?

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