Review: Bay's Kitchen stir-in sauces

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

Recently I was sent some sauces this month for Bay's Kitchen to try out, make some recipes with and let you guys know what I thought, well, let me tell you about these stir-in sauces.

Tomato and Basil Stir-in Sauce

I choose not to add too much to my meals when using sauces like this as I don't want to take away from the original flavorings of which in this sauce are incredibly delicious. The taste and texture unquestionably made the meal, with the perfect blend of tomatoes and herbs, all of which once cooked and served on top of a bed of spaghetti pasta, I went a little heavy on the pasta but what can I say I really like pasta. The sauces were so good I had to go back for seconds.

My spaghetti bolognese recipe:

1 x Jar of Bay's Kitchen Tomato and Basil sauce

1 x stick of chopped celery (for the added crunch)

2 x cubed or thinly sliced baby potato

1 x chopped chilli

Quorn mince

So good even Midnight wants some.

Jalfrezi Curry Stir-in Sauce

I adore my spicy foods and this sauce, with its creamy texture, tastes incredible with just a tiny amount of spiciness for those who want a little added kick. If you are anything like me though and want something a little spicier then I highly recommend that you just add a few extra chilis to turn up the heat as this sauce is rather close to perfection as is, in terms of how I prefer my Jalfrezi.

Sweet and Sour Curry Stir-in Sauce

I could definitely taste the sweet and sour, these sauces ingredients combined making a flavour so amazing you will want to go back for seconds or even thirds. Whether you choose to use this sauce with meat or a vegan meal I can highly recommend it as it is very tasty.

Overall I savoured every meal I made with these sauces, they are delicious, the tastes and textures are an absolute treat. Priced at £4.15 a jar, all the sauces from Bay's Kitchen Stir-In sauces are Low FODMAP (IBS Friendly) meaning they contain no hard to digest ingredients such as Onion or Garlic, they are also vegan, vegetarian-friendly and also gluten-free. I got to try making a few meals with these sauces and believe that the quality and deliciousness of these sauces are well worth the price. I look forward to seeing what other amazing stir-in sauces Bay's Kitchen can come up with because I want more.

You can check out their range for yourself here:

If you make some recipes with these sauces please let me know how you liked them and share your recipe in the comments below.

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