Review: Crowdfire

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

What exactly is Crowdfire?

Crowdfire a central tool where you connect all of your social media accounts, blogs, twitch, YouTube, Etsy shop accounts and more and use this as a control panel to distribute content and grow your audience across them all. I have tried many tools that promised much but none of them gave me the control and ease of use that Crowdfire has given me. Available to you on a desktop browser or handy phone app this tool offers you a great deal and is super easy to use. It comes available in 4 different subscriptions, Free, Plus, Premium and VIP but more on that later first let's talk about what Crowdfire can do for you. Suggest content for you to share Easily add the topics that you're interested in and Crowdfire will suggest content to you that you and your audience may be interested in. If you see a piece of content you like, you can simply share it to all of your social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) at one click of a button.

Post your own content If you've just written a blog post then you can distribute this through the click of a button to all of your social networks, though for Instagram posts sharing posts needs to be done through the phone application but it is really quick and easy. Crowdfire has a built-in option where it will automatically post content for you at the best time when your readers are most likely to engage with it or you can schedule posts for a later time.

Grow your Twitter audience

  • Show who has followed/unfollowed you

  • Shows people you are not following back

  • You can set and view competitors followers

  • Bulk posting/Post scheduling

  • Conduct a keyword search

  • View daily analytics (7 and 30-day options available in premium)

  • It will suggest who you should follow

  • Allow you to create automatic messages for users for new followers

  • Suggest people to unfollow (inactive users, one, three or six months)

It's so quick and easy to use this tool each day, it has helped me to manage and grow my following substantially. Each day it gives you a daily prescription of tasks to complete in order to help your audience grow. The Queue Meter This is a feature I really like, it is a very handy little meter that is displayed at the bottom of Crowdfire that indicates the number of posts you should schedule for the next 7 days for each of your connected accounts based on the posts that you have already posted and the frequency of posts per day that you have set for each month. Premium packages There are three premium packages that you can upgrade too all of which offer great value for money at a reasonable price, upgrading to any of the paid packages will remove the daily limits on on Twitter features.

Overall I really like this app and recommend it to anyone looking for an all in one tool to help stay more engaged with audiences and manage all social media and content sharing on a day to day basis.

Check out Crowdfire for yourself and watch your audience grow.

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  • Discord
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