Review: EasySMX Back lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

EasySMX Back lit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switch Anti-ghosting 105 Keys

(Full price for this keyboard is £75.99)


Adjustable lock-on feet

Arrow keys

Back lit keys

Detachable soft-touch palm rest

Easy access media keys

Media functions

Quality feel

Quality look with aluminum face plate

Solid build quality

Typing feels smooth


Feels a little heavy

The EasySMX Mechanical keyboard made by the Chinese company EasySMX is packed full of features that makes it a great choice for typists and gamers. Install is as easy as plug and play and typing on this keyboard is easy to get used to. Typing with this keyboard feels great though it does have a little of a 'click clack' to each key press that some may not like if they are looking for a quiet keyboard. You can type for a whole day and experience minimal to no finger fatigue.

This is a Full sized keyboard with anti-ghosting keys. Removal of the key caps is a breeze making it easy to change out the key caps if you want to. There is also 12 easy to access media keys for you to control your music, email, browser, calculator and video.


This is a very well built mechanical keyboard, it offers many features, a stylish look and feels wonderful to type on. This is definitely a quality keyboard that will give any user a fantastic typing and gaming experience, worth every penny.

Check out the EasySMX products for yourself HERE!

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