Review: EasySMX cool 2000 gaming headset

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

The EasySMX COOL 2000 Gaming Headset, priced at a reasonable price of $21.99 was delivered to my door within 3 days of being dispatched. At first glance, it looks bulky but it is actually very lightweight in comparison to other headsets that I have owned.

The flexible headband is very comfortable on top my head and can be worn for hours without any discomfort or awkwardness. The ear shells are very comfortable and the sound is great quality. They really block outside sound to help you be more immersed in the game you are playing.

The volume switch and mute button are located on the back of the right earshell rather than like most headsets on the cable but after a while, you get used to reaching back to turn the volume up or down or to turn the lights on the ear shells.

The cable is very long and allows for the great amount of movement and help to not constantly get tangled on everything. It is very sturdy so there is no chance of breakage and tangles.

The microphone is bendable and can be moved out of the way if you are a gamer like myself that uses a professional mic. The sound quality of my voice coming through the mic is very clear and great for audible. My only wish is that the mic could have been detachable as it is on the same side as the volume switch on that ear shell and sometimes unintentionally knock it back down.

The look is very stylish with lovely blue LED lights on both earshells. I really have to say that I like the long cable and the comfortable feeling of this headset. Installation is as simple as plug and play, no complicated installation processes and now issues.

You can check out this headset for yourself here: EasySMX Cool 2000 gaming Heaset

If you are looking for a gaming headset to help boost your gaming experience then why not check out this headset at EasySMX.

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