Review: EasySMX gaming mouse

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

EasySMX Combaterwing Optical USB Colors changeable Gaming Mouse 4800 DPI 10 Programmable Keys Customized Back lights for Computer and Laptop (Black)

I was sent this mouse after being contacted by EasySMX, I had tried and reviewed products of theirs before and they had always been great and this mouse didn't let me down, with its sleek and easy to use design it is a joy to use when gaming or just doing my day to day workings on the PC.


EasySMX Combaterwing Optical USB Colors changeable Gaming Mouse has to be one of the greatest mice I have owned to date. Its so easy to use and if your computer is like mine and doesn't have a cd drive you can download the drivers for it straight from the EasySMX site in a matter of seconds. mapping the keys to different commands is as easy a click, add the key and hit accept, you do it all from a program that you get upon downloading the drivers.

The mouse fits comfortably in my hand making it a pleasure to use. Changing DPI or DPI effect is super easy and can be changed to suit your desired effect. Setup take just a few minutes after plugging it in, install the drivers and go.

The negatives to this product I would have to say is the cable on it, though it is a great length it has a bendy wire feel to it and feels like it might break if pulled on or bent too far in the wrong direction. Also it says that there is 10 programmable keys yet after downloading the drivers there is slots for 10 keys but the picture only shows nine, I have spent a while after un-boxing looking for the tenths key but cannot find it.

I have been using this mouse for both my gaming and can safely say it has helped to greatly improve my gaming effectiveness whether I am in the middle of the Desert on Ghost recon taking down a cartel or playing Dark Souls 3.


As I said one of the greatest mice I have owned to date would recommended to others for their gaming peripherals but would advise to be careful of the cable otherwise, great product, great value, totally worth checking out.

Check this mouse out on the EasySMX Amazon store HERE!

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