Review: EasySMX kc-8236 wireless game pad

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

I am Twitch live streamer, as a streamer, I need to right tools to do what I love. I primarily use a mouse and keyboard for my games but sometimes, you really just need a good controller and that's why when EasySMX wanted to send me one of their USB controllers I was eager to give it a try. The EasySMX KC-8236 Wireless Gamepad, priced at a reasonable price of $28.99 was delivered to my door within 3 days of being dispatched. When opening the box the gamepad was enclosed in its own small black box with a USB connector, charging cable and an instruction manual. The wireless gamepad has a smooth and stylish appearance with rubberised sides for extra comfort and grip. I really have to say that I like the rubberised sides as the rubber stops it from slipping out of your hands when your gaming gets to the intense moments as it does for me when I play horror games.

Installation is as simple as plug and play, no complicated installation processes and now issues. I have tried this wireless gamepad with a range different games and have to say it really does make gaming easier if you are having trouble with mouse and keyboard also you get to sit back on the couch while playing your games and you can't do that with a mouse and keyboard, you have to upfront right in front of the screen probably like most of us sitting upright in an uncomfy computer chair. Having this wireless gamepad has given me the option to play my games a different way whilst being able to be comfortable for long periods of time.

The battery life of the gamepad is also excellent as I have been using it for approximately 4 has every night since receiving it 4 days ago and I still have not needed to give it a charge yet as it hasn't shown the signs of needing it. The only thing I would want to see changed is the size of the charging cable as it is really short other than that this gamepad is incredibly responsive and well made.

If you are looking for a gamepad to help boost your gaming experience then why not check out this at EasySMX.

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