Review: Eco Tshirts

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

There is nothing quite like bumming around the house in a great tee, what's better is knowing that the thsirt your wearing is made from organic cotton and recycled plastic so it's good for the environment. I love to find a great sustainable brand and I have been keeping my eye out for great brands for an upcoming sustainable fashion photoshoot I have planned, so when I came across Eco Tshirts I had to get in touch.

When I received the shirts I the Jaguar head was more vivid and beautiful that it was online, whereas the wolf head less so. The designs printed on the T-shirts themselves are beautiful and some very intricate, I do have to say though that if you are getting a design that is not very vivid in colour, like the wolf hubby chose, go for a lighter colour shirt as hubby's wolf head design is hard to see against the grey fabric.

Eco Tshirts have a huge range of designs and colour options available, change the colours and make your clothing suit you, all this and delivered to your door. They also offer a custom design service, but you need to contact them to ask for the custom design to be made as I cant see where you can upload your own design on their site.

The lovely people Eco Tshirts gave us two shirts, one for me and one for hubby, Hubby chose the GUARDIAN SPIRIT (WOLF) in size L and I chose the STRENGTH AND FOCUS (JAGUAR HEAD) in size M. At first, I have to say the fabric is incredibly soft like I was wearing my shirt the whole day after getting it and it felt great, it is such a light fabric and very breathable.

Overall, my shirt priced at £24 is extremely well made, comfortable, great for the environment. Eco Tshirts have a huge range of designs available and offer a custom design service which is amazing. Eco Tshirts is great value for money as I will get a great many years of wear out of this piece.

Check out Eco Tshirts for yourself or design your own custom piece. Use the code Minifoxychicky at checkout to get $10 off your order.

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