Review: Friendly Soaps

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

I have been loving all-natural soaps and in my search for some new soaps to try, I came across Friendly Soap. Friendly Soap is registered with The Vegan Society, Cruelty-Free International and have a Best rating with Ethical Consumer and are natural so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try these myself. The crew at Friendly soap were kind enough to send me four full-size soap bars to try, Shea butter, Travel soap, Patchouli and sandalwood, lastly peppermint and poppy seeds.

When the soaps arrived before even opening the plain cardboard box, I have to say I admire the fact the packaging is simple and there is no wastage as the one cardboard box they came in can be recycled. Now to the soaps, this has to have been the most gorgeous smelling package I have ever smelled, I could smell the aroma of the soaps inside the box waiting for me to try them.

They looked and smelled so great, the colours of the soaps are gorgeous, seeing as how good this soap looked and smelled I didn't want to have four full bars being used so I actually cut 1/3 off each bar to try for this review so I can save some soap for later.

Somewhat exotic in smell the Travel Soap, is soothing, I used this to wash my hair and I felt like there was an immediate difference, my hair looked and felt healthier. I even had compliments on my hair when I let it down on how beautiful my hair looked. Hubby loves the smell of this one the most, we used it on our laundry since our washing machine gave out on us and it left our clothes smelling amazing. I will definitely be using this one, even if just for my hair alone.

I have always loved the smell of sandalwood and the Patchouli & sandalwood soap is by far my favourite of all of the soap bars. The sandalwood scent really calms and cleanses not only the body but the mind, partner that with a big hot bubble bath and some candle and this is absolute bliss.

The smell of the Shea Butter soap is subtle, using this soap left my skin feeling smooth and well moisturized. Rich in Vitamin A this soap will not only leave your skin feeling smooth and clean but also help to repair any damaged skin.

The Peppermint & Poppyseed soap is not only beautiful but also very soothing on the skin, the scent is incredibly refreshing, and the poppy seeds gently exfoliate your skin leaving you feeling smooth and polished.

Friendly soaps are all free from Parabens, SLS, SLES, Mineral Oil, Microbeads, Phthalates, DMDM Hydantoin, Triclosan, Synthetic Fragrances, Palm Oil and all animal products so you can be sure that what you are using on your skin is truly Friendly, not just for you but animals and the environment too.

All the soaps will last quite a while from my experience with these bars and they lather well, we're still trying to use up the thirds from each soap block, another great thing they do not go mushy when left in the soap dish, the soap hold their shape really well. I enjoyed using Friendly soaps and truly felt the difference using them on my skin and hair. I can't wait use some of the blocks up so I can buy and try even more from the Friendly Soap range.

Priced between £2.11 - £2.62 a bar these soaps are an incredible value for money, so if you are looking or a more friendly alternative to your current soap then you should take a look at the Friendly Soap range for yourself, with a growing variety available there is sure to be one that you will like.

You can check out their full range of soaps for yourself here:

Have you tried any of the Friendly Soap range, Which one was your favourite?

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