Review: Green Cane toilet paper

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

(This product was sent to me for review)

It is one of my missions for 2019 to switch out all our essential living products for more sustainable alternatives so that I can do more to for our planet, from eco-friendly coffee cups, reusable shopping bags to cleaning products, but one of the most essential items one needs in life is toilet paper.

That's where GreenCane comes in, the company is committed to the environment and sustainable business practices, they don't use trees, unnecessary inks, dyes or scents in their products and recently released their new Naked range, to reduce unnecessary packaging waste by not individually wrapping every roll.

I received a Mixed Naked box and a box of their new Naked range toilet rolls, which were delivered to my door, in plastic-free packging. The toilet rolls and Kitchen towels are simple embossed bamboo and sugarcane, 2 ply, rolls, super soft and as strong as your regular toilet rolls.

When it comes to toilet paper and paper towels, we don't need anything fancy, patterns, smells, colours, individual packing, it's all unnecessary as you are only going to be wiping your bum, cleaning up spills and throwing the paper away after use anyway, not sitting around smelling it for a few hours before use.

The paper towels are strong and very absorbent, they didn't clump up and start falling apart at the first contact with water like some other paper towels I have used which is great, this made cleaning up spills a breeze.

The toilet rolls are soft, strong and didn't leave my bottom feeling irritated or dry, I also like the fact that the whole time hubby and I used this toilet paper we didn't have any of those annoying uneven tears in the roll that you get when trying to pull some paper from the roll, I hate those tears!

The facial tissues are incredibly soft and when I have the sniffles earlier this week, they helped and didn't leave me with a dry and irritated, red nose after using a few issues.

A mixed Naked box includes 32 extra-long rolls of toilet paper, 6 rolls of paper towels, 3 boxes of tissues, all for £25.00. You can even choose the frequency of deliveries, from single time purchase, every six, eight, 12 or 18 weeks, it even has a handy little feature on the product pages to let you know how often to order depending on the number of occupants in your home.

GreenCane makes getting your essential paper needs super convenient especially for those who have busy lives and don't want to get stuck, coming home after a hard day only to realise you don't have any toilet roll left... WHY!!

When growing up we never understood how much of an impact your choice in toilet roll can have, no one talked about sustainability let alone tried to make people more aware of all the options out there. I think a lot of us choose the products that we are familiar with but as the world is the change we too must change.

I was very thankful to receive these boxes of GreenCane products and love the fact that all their products are free from inks, perfumes, GMOs, BPA and biodegradable as I don't like using any products that contain unnatural ingredients and chemicals, especially around my face and other more intimate areas.

Though £25 is a little more than your normal price for toilet roll, you are paying for the convenience of delivery, more rolls and helping to make a huge difference towards saving our planet, all great reasons to purchase. I'm looking forward to GreenCane becoming the norm and everyone using sustainable brands like them for their toilet rolls and paper towel needs!

Looking to make a change, check out GreenCane for yourself HERE.

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