Review: Kabuto Noodles

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Last week I was sent some coupons in order to try some of the new Kabuto Noodles. They are just noodles I hear you say but I must say no they are not just noodles they are noodles fit for a samurai, it says so on the packaging.

I had the pleasure of trying the Beef Pho, Chilli chicken, Miso ramen and Vegetable lasaka and I must say they are some really good noodles. Kabuto Noodles​​ The Chilli chicken ramen had a nice spicy kick to it, with slight hints of lime but a little less chicken then I would have liked in these sorts of noodles. The Beef Pho noodles had a beautiful soy, garlic, and ginger, the stock tastes rich and almost creamy but ever so delicious. Kabuto Noodles​​ The Miso lasaka noodles are the perfect noodles for those of us who would prefer a more vegetarian take on cup noodles, with the perfect mix of vegetable, miso and soy it is delicious. Finally the Vegetable lasaka, what can I say these noodles are amazing, not only are they gluten-free rice noodles, they are also completely vegetarian. A delectable mix of peppers, sweet corn and coconut this one has to be one of my favorites out of all of them. Kabuto noodles are a little bit more expensive than traditional cup noodles costing £2 a pot but you do get a lot more for your money. The amount of noodles you get in these pots is quite a bit more than any other noodle range, they are packed in there! The stock water that remains after gobbling up all your samurai noodles makes for a great soup drink that leaves your tummy with a pleasant warm feeling, great for a cold day. The cups are surprisingly sturdy and insulating so you won't burn your hands picking up your cup after adding hot water, but you should always be careful with hot water anyway. The only real downside to these noodles that I noticed was there was quite a lot of coriander in all these ones that I have tried, more than I honestly would have liked. At times the coriander seemed to overpower some of the flavorings. Not a huge problem but if they added a bit less then I would say these noodles were closed to being the perfect noodles. Overall I have to say that I loved trying all these noodles, they are great tasting and value for money, I love that you get so much in each pot and even the little samurai-themed messages on the sides of the cups I think is a nice touch. I highly recommend these to those of you out there who are ramen lovers like myself, as I will definitely be buying these again. You can check out their range here: Kabuto Noodles

Have you tried any of the Kabuto range? Which ones are your favorite?

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