Review: Karmaroma Organic Skin Care

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

Kamaroma, to be honest I had never heard of this company before but while searching for some new organic products to replace my current skin care products I came across their site and they were offering FREE samples so of course I had to order some samples, When the small box arrived in the the post a few days after ordering, I ripped open the packet to find my samples wrapped and tucked neatly inside...

The first thing that I must say I like about Kamaroma is that all their products are made from organic materials and ingredients. so there won't be any harmful chemicals going into my skin. I love a good organic product and am so happy that the lovely staff at Kamaroma sent me my 3 samples so quickly.

Once I opened the box I couldn't help myself but to open the containers to smell the contents, I love smelling fresh new products, like when i'm shopping for candles I can't help but smell them all. So anyway back to the product, the smell of these products is incredible, the bath soak and body scrub smell very refreshing and citrusy.

They feel even better on my skin and in the bath, when I used the bath soak, it really did ease my muscles, I felt so relaxed, I could have very easily curled up with a blanket and good book only to fall asleep on the couch. The body scrub wasn't harsh and scratchy on my skin like other scrubs I have used, it left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I could really feel the difference in my skin before and after use.

The Product

Dead Sea salt Body Scrub

Muscle Ease Bath Soak

Hand & Nail Cream

Price when bought: I ordered a 'free' sample to try out. (Full price for the 250ml Body Scrub is £15.00, Full price for the 250g Bath Soak is £14.00, Full price for the 50ml Hand Cream is £8.00 or 100ml is £12.00)

The Range:


Hand Cream

Not greasy

Very light

Absorbs quickly

Smells amazing

Bath Soak

Very refreshing

Citrusy smell

Dissolves quickly in the bath

Body Scrub

Refreshing citrusy smell (almost smells like lemons)

Great exfoliation

Leaves skin feeling smooth


A little on the expensive side


The containers these products come in are simple, elegant and the perfect size to put into a bag for a weekend away.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed using these products, the gorgeous smells, the fact that they are all organic. I can definitely see myself buying more of this in the future :)

Have you tried this product or one from this brand? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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