Review: Lily's kitchen cat food

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

Have I mentioned how much I love my girls, well if I have I will say it again I love my cats Midnight and Zorro. Most pet owners will understand the hassle of having fussy pets, my two girls are pretty darn fussy especially when it comes to meal time. One day they will eat half a plate of wet food, another day they won't even touch it. I am constantly trying to find products that are not only good for them but they will also enjoy eating. Recently I was told about a company that do organic pet food, called Lily's Kitchen. I have never really gone into the realm of organic pet food so this would be a new experience for my girls

So I emailed the staff at Lily's Kitchen to request some free samples to try and review which they happily agreed to send some. Once they arrived Midnight and Zorro were so excited about this package that I just had to tear it open straight away to reveal the contents. I have tried my girls on these products and I am surprised with how good the results are so let me share them with you.

The Product

2x Crunchy Nibbles - Delicious Chicken 50g

1x Succulent Chicken Dinner 100g

1x Fabulous Fish Dinner 100g

Price when bought: I ordered a 'free' sample to try out. (Full price for 300g Crunchy Nibbles £3.99, Full price for a 100g Dinner is £00.99 )

The Range:

- Crunchy Nibbles - Delicious Fish

- Crunchy Nibbles - Delicious Chicken (The product featured in this review)

- Fabulous Fish Dinner

- Succulent Chicken Dinner

- Luscious Lamb Dinner (The product featured in this review)

- Tasty Turkey Dinner

- Delicious Salmon and Turkey w/ Prawns

- Succulent Chicken Parfait


Smells amazing

Looks great

Cats love it



Beautiful simple packaging with gorgeous designs.

Overall Thoughts:

I could tell right away that my girls really like this new cat food, as they got stuck in as soon as it was laid out in front of them. To my surprise not long after serving Midnight and Zorro's dinner they had cleaned the plate which they rarely ever do in one sitting.

Lily's kitchen make their products in small portion sizes, which for me is great as I like the option to buy small portion sizes. I find when I buy wet food in a large can I end up having to throw a bit out as I am not to keen on refrigerating wet food after opening. I like the food to stay fresh and the small portion sizes helps me to reduce the food waste.

Also these products don't have a icky, strong smell like some pet food I have bought in the past, the smell of this product actually smells really nice. I know that when buying Lily's products it is going to be good for my girls because it's made with certified organic meats and ethically sourced ingredients, the way all pet foods should be.

Seeing as how my girls have enjoyed these products so much and knowing how much better it is for them than the more commercial brands I personally would like to eventually make a complete swap from the commercial dinners my cats eat to Lily's kitchen as I would like it to be their regular brand of food. Though Lily's Kitchen products are a little more expensive than the commercial brands, I believe having two happy and healthy cats is worth the added cost and makes me a very happy pet owner.

As well as getting free samples from Lily's kitchen to review the lovely staff sent me a coupon to get money off my next order, which I will definitely be using as I think that my cats would be more than happy for me to buy more of the the quality products provided by Lily's Kitchen. The staff are so friendly and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with them.

Thank you Lily's Kitchen & Staff :)

Have you tried this product or a product from Lily's Kitchen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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