Review: Love Drop date night box

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

(This Product was sent to me for review)

I was recently contacted by Love Drop a company in the UK, they a Date Night subscription box company, that helps to take the hassle out of planning date nights. The boxes are sent bi-monthly and are priced at £45, I was sent one of their boxes to review and I was presently surprised at what was inside.

Whether you are a married couple or are in a long term relationship doesn't mean you cant have a little bit of fun and maintain a healthy sex life. The box contains a selection of hand picked items from adult toys, activities, samples and even some delicious chocolate for you and your partner to enjoy.

Inside my box was the following items:

  • Welcome Card & Leaflet

  • Love Drop date night idea cards

  • 1x Melt Candle [Joy] Travel size candle.

  • 1x LELO NEA massager toy

  • 2x LELO HEX condoms & Lube

  • 1x chocolate bar

When it came to our date night we couldn't wait to try out everything. The scent of the candle is absolutely divine, a combination of citrus floral, musk base, iris, rose and lily added a touch of elegance to our night. After we used it we trimmed the wick so that we can use it for our next date night since we both loved it so much.

The idea cards were great fun and we still have a few of the ideas to try. The ideas are simple, enjoyable and some were a little naughty. The main item that drew our attention was the beautifully packaged Lelo Nea massager. Wonderfully shaped it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, has 5 vibration patterns and even though it's tiny it is very powerful but silent. Made from body safe smooth ABS plastic, its splash proof and easy to clean. We were incredibly impressed with the overall quality and performance of the Leo Nea.

Also in the box was some Lelo lube and Lelo Hex condoms, though we can't have kids dude to hubby's long running medical history we thought we would still use them since Lelo is quite and expensive brand for condoms. I must say that the condoms are to date probably the best condoms we have ever used. The condom itself is incredibly strong and the hexagon ribbing was barely noticeable but gripped well so that there was no rubbery sliding sensations like other condoms have provided. It was a lot more intimate as if hubby wasn't even wearing a condom.

For an even more lovely touch to top off all the quality products contained within this box, there is a chocolate bar for you to enjoy which didn't last long after me and hubby finished putting the Nea to the test.


We were incredibly impressed with the Love Drop Date Night box and I believe that it is well worth the £45 for a bi-monthly subscription. The box itself is so well presented and contains high quality products, whether your married or in a long term relationship I highly recommend this subscription box as it has everything you need for a wonderful night in.

Head over to Love Drop and take the hassle out of your date night.

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